Wildlife: 5 Best Forest-Inspired Handmade Items On Etsy

If yesterday we explored a selection of ocean-inspired products, it’s only fitting that today we focus on forest-inspired ones. You’ll recall the fresh and deep woodland air just by looking at these. Have fun!

1. Animal Brooch Plain Wooden Pin by SketchInc

01 Animal Brooch Plain Wooden Pin

Bring a touch of natural wooden beauty into your home and straight onto your clothes with one of these simple, but suggestive pins! Wear them all year long for some playful elegance anytime, anywhere.

Available from SketchInc

2. Fox Mask and Tail for Children by BHBKidstyle

02 Fox Mask and Tail for Children

If your little kid loves to play pretend, then you’ll make his day with this fantastic fox mask and tail set. Simply add a pair of leggings and a top ¬†and the look will be complete and convincing. Ready to party?

Available from BHBKidstyle

3. Oak Leaf Headband by mylavaliere

03 Oak leaf headband

This stylish headband can be the finishing touch not just for a casual look, but for a more elegant one as well. With an antiqued brass finish, this will look romantic and sophisticated In any season.

Available from mylavaliere

4. Abstract Tree Cushion Cover by LaNiqueHOME

04 Geometric trees cushion cover

Bring the forest straight into your home with this modern hand painted pillow cover. This hand painted motif is stylized just enough so that it doesn’t look too literal or too abstract. Quite perfect, isn’t it?

Available from LaNiqueHOME

5. Trees Stamp by MissHoneyBird

05 Trees stamp

The list of forest-inspired items simply wouldn’t be complete without a cute little stamp, would it now? Affordable, yet capable of making a long-lasting impression, this tree stamp will help you add a unique touch to your handwritten letters, cards or notes.

Available from MissHoneyBird

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores