Daily Hunt

All the items on today’s list will make you feel special all day everyday – whether you’re enjoying a homemade meal, planning your outfits or playing with your kid:

1. Digitally Printed Dressing Gown by SqueakDesign

01 Digitally Printed Dressing Gown

Preparing for a new day of work or a night out on the town? Wrap yourself in this pretty dressing gown until you’re ready to slip into your dress. Its print will get you in a good mood before you even leave the house.

Available from SqueakDesign

2. Cherry Breakfast Tray by grayworksdesign

02 Cherry Breakfast Tray

Start your day with a nice little breakfast in bed! This footed platte can be a much needed companion for a lazy morning spent munching away. So much so that you’ll want to turn it into a daily ritual. Just you wait!

Available from grayworksdesign

3. Book Clutch Purse by Bookarelli

This stunning clutch bag can be the perfect finishing touch for an elegant evening look. A tiny bit quirky and with just the right amount of flair, it’ll do all the talking for you. Happy mingling!

Available from Bookarelli

4. Concrete Pen Holder Office Lamp by SturlesiDesign

04 Concrete pen holder office lamp

Make your workplace fancier with this handy desk organizer slash lamp – useful and beautiful!

Available from SturlesiDesign

5. Kids’ Tee Pee by MissLoveandi

05 Kids indoor and outdoor A frame tee pee

Kids love cosy places where they can hide and dream up imaginary worlds. Easy to assemble, this tee pee can be just the answer you are looking for. Whip it out the next time your kids have too much time on their hands and keep them entertained outside or in the comfort of their own room. So cute!

Available from MissLoveandi

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores