The 5 Best Beautiful Journals And Notebooks To Get You Writing

Beautiful Journals

Here are the best journals and notebooks to add to your stationery collections. Our list includes beautiful leather-lined journals in a range of colours and sizes. These products are the perfect writing companion and would make a beautiful personalised gift for that someone special.

1. Handmade Journal by HomeoftheMuse

Handmade Journal

Can this beautiful journal get a collective “Awww”? Because, truly: how amazing is its floral pattern fabric? Not to mention the intricate look of the hand-sewn spine! Featuring a mixture of traditional stitches, this journal has its spine intentionally exposed. Hand made from start to finish, the journal has 300 pages in total. Each of them was hand cut with a paper knife to reveal a finely torn edge. As for the finishing touch? The pink, red and white journal is elegantly hand bound and made with recycled vintage kraft paper. Check its listing above for more details. :)

Available from HomeoftheMuse

2. Beautiful Handmade Floral Journal by Lisamajdesigns

Floral Handmade Journal

Got a romantic soul? Then this beautiful floral journal should be right up your alley! Its exterior is all about soft, floral imagery and the cover itself is decorated with a couple of cute flowers and a metal frame containing the word love. So sweet… but the party doesn’t stop on the outside. The inside matches the romantic vibes with a hidden vintage-looking pattern on the inner cover that were manually painted, perfectly rounding up its unique allure. Find it by visiting the link above and be sure to look for other beautiful journals in their shop. :)

Available from FavouriteNotebook

3. Colorful Stripes Journal by Newleafjournals

Stripe Journal

Hand made with grey, green, pink, orange and yellow stripes of fabric, this daring journal has a vibe that’ll cheer you up in a second! The large, deep blue button is so cute you’ll want to eat it. But beware: it plays an important part in tying up the entire journal! ;) A green ribbon wraps around the button to close up this pretty thing, adding to the thoughtfulness of the design. Given its fresh, young vibes, you might even consider getting two of these and giving one away. Share the joy! This particular journal is lined, but the style is also available with blank pages. Click through the link above to check out this listing and read about how they make their beautiful  journals. Finally, take a look around the shop – there’s more where this came from…

Available from Newleafjournals

4. Teal Leather Journal with Double Wrap Tie by WeAreBoundTogether

Teal Leather Journal Double Wrap Tie

If you were looking for a new journal with a serious, timeless allure, look no further: this teal leather one is a DREAM! Boasting contrasting, cream stitching on the spine, this journal has the kind of design that’ll never look out of style. Half-way between being discrete and making a statement, this journal would be perfect for daily use. It comes with a matching tie that double wraps around to keep the covers closed and all of your thoughts safely contained inside. How intimate and warm! And know what’s even warmer? The fact that 100% of the proceeds from this shop go to support charity. Now you simply have to see the listing and find out all the details! Follow the link above to make the jump.

Available from WeAreBoundTogether

5. A Day of Gratitude by MalPaper

Oh, gorgeous! Perfect for dreamers, visionaries and all those who love taking their destiny into their own hands, this magic simple journal and minimal vibes allow your dreams a clear starting point! Jotting down quick ideas and plans in it must feel incredible! What a beautiful journal to document your daily gratitude practices! Read about it more by visiting the product listing linked above.

Available from Malpaper

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