Cute Custom Etsy Keychain Shop Listings

Etsy Keychain

We’ve selected the coolest, slickest, fanciest keychain and lanyard listings on the Etsy market just for you! These include custom, personalized keyrings, which make the perfect, cute gift.

It’s time to bring a new accessory into your life:

Lanyards & Keychains

1. Floral Keychain by MeoandCo

Floral Fob Keychain

Meo and Co Handmade is a keychain shop filled to the brim with some of the most glorious textile key fobs. Just take a look at this one: a superb floral exterior is perfectly complimented by a geometric, golden lining for a fun, ever surprising look.

The key fob is hand made out of canvas fabric and finished with an ultra firm stabilizer. Includes a durable split ring that’ll hold all of your keys together.

As for the size? The loop should fit securely on most wrists. Consider your hands free and your keys always within reach!

This key fob is ready to ship – click above to snatch it for yourself right now!

Keychain available from MeoandCo

2. Quote and Tassel Keychain by JillMakes

Quote Tassel Keychain

Crazy cool looking and fabulous all around: this stunning keychain from JillMakes is a one-of-a-kind accessory.

You can use it to keep all your keys in one place of course, but you can also opt to use it as a bag charm every now and then. So fun!

Each keychain is two-sided and has an inspiring phrase on one side and a hand painted design on the other. The design is completed with a funky tassel and an assortment of beads. Shop yours via the link above.

Keychain available from JillMakes

3. ARROW Fabric Lanyard by FabricLoveandFun

3 ARROW Fabric Lanyard

Etsy shop Fabric Love and Fun has an impressive array of handmade lanyards in stock. Hundreds and hundreds of designs are just waiting to be discovered.

Among them, this charming grey one, which would be perfect for a minimalistic soul. The subdued arrow pattern will fit any occasion without completely blending in. Winner!

And, in case you are wondering, maintenance is straight-forward. If it ever gets dirty, you can spot clean it, then throw in the washer and hang to dry. Easy-peasy. Head to its listing via the link above.

Available from FabricLoveandFun

4. Leather Tassel Keychain by permanentbaggage

4 Leather Tassel Keychain

You’ve never seen a leather tassel keychain quite like this one! It’s the type of keychain that is not very likely to get lost, even at the bottom of a big bag!

This chic keychain features a heavy-duty, antique brass clip that gives it a statement edge.

As for the leather part, you have a lot of colors to choose from. Pictured above are ochre, mint, blush, indigo, white boa. And you should check out the original listing for even more options. It’s pretty much safe to say you’ll find a hue to fall in love with. Go, go, go!

Keychain available from permanentbaggage

5. Purple Lanyard by VivaGuate

4 purple lanyard

Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe this incredible floral lanyard! The ribbons for each lanyard are hand woven and unique to certain Mayan regions of Guatemala. They’re made using the back-strap loom technique and are hand dyed – such an incredible amount of work goes into each and every one of these!

The bright and colorful pattern will make your lanyard easy to spot on the desk, on a chair and even in your bag. Never lose sight of your keys again. Start now: check out the link above to shop!

Available from VivaGuate

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores