The Best Fabric Labels For Clothing And Custom Handmade Products

Fabric Labels

Woven, printed or custom design label needed?

These are only a few of the reasons why choosing fabric labelling for handmade items is crucial for any (Etsy) business. Good thing we’ve got all of your bases covered with today’s hunt. Below, five types of fabric label options in various shapes and sizes have the potential to be the answer to your label-related queries.

1. 20 DIY Woven Cotton Handmade Labels by DiscountJewellryHub

DIY Woven

Let’s kick things off with these 20 diy woven handmade fabric clothing labels. Available in 5 different colours, these custom cloth labels may be the best answer for budding Etsy entrepreneurs and clothing enthusiasts alike. All you need to do is choose your colour, red, tan, lilac, fuchsia or black and patiently wait for them to arrive. Now click over to shop!

Available from DiscountJewelleryHub

2. Arrow Printed Cotton Labels by ananemone

2 Arrow Printed Labels

Hey Etsy business owners! If you don’t have your own design or logo already, don’t despair! No need to waste extra time and energy thinking about it when you can have both the visual and matching labels in on simple step. These arrow printed labels will solve all of your problems. Here’s what you have to do: pick a design and a font from the respective dropdown menus of this listing, then leave the text you want written in the “notes to seller” section. Easy-peasy, right?

Made out of organic cotton, these labels are sew-on labels by default. However, if you’d prefer an iron-on adhesive backing, you just have to tell that to the lovely seller. Click through to order!

Available from ananemone

3. Custom Fabric Tags by TheHeartofWonder

Custom Labels

Need labels in a flash? Enter: these 24 hour, adorable, custom, heat treated ones. A single sheet of these can fit from 40 to 60 labels, depending on which size you request. Sounds good, right?

They are heat treated, which means that they are colorfast and prevented from fraying. However, some fading over time should be expected (it is standard with all fabrics). Also note that the color will last longest with cold water washing, a principle which stands true for any fabric-made item. Perfect to place on anything from bags to clothes, makeup bags etc. Want some of these? Find the link to buy them below.

Available from TheHeartofWonder

4. 100 Wash Care Satin Sew On Personalized Labels by girlsfever

4 100 Wash care satin sew on personalized labels

This type of fabric label is designed for those Etsy businesses which deal with bigger items, like outerwear, coats and even pillowcases. The larger size and typical two-fold design allow for effortless, succinct representations of the recommended cleaning technique, of the material type as well as of your name and logo as a producer. Exciting stuff!

Coming in batches of 100, these particular labels are beige, sew on and customizable. They are made out of premium polyester satin, which has the great qualities of being colorfast and machine washable. Needless to say, these would be the perfect fit for many, many products. Feel free to order by following the below link.

Available from girlsfever


5. Custom Fabric Tags 100 Pcs by ikaprint

5 Custom Fabric labels 100 pcs Color Satin

Last but definitely not least on our list for handmade items are these beautiful satin labels. Suitable for small products like fabric totes, pillowcases, small bags and even garments, these fetching labels are delivered cut, and their cut parts need to be caught in the seam.

Technicalities aside, you can choose your color of satin as well as the color of the ink. Then comes the fun part! You can provide your own logo, opt for a text-only label or even go for the design-your-own option, which the seller also made available online (just check the product description for the exact link). Pretty cool! Get clicking below and you’ll be on the fast track to get your own custom labels done.

Available from ikaprint

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores