Swoon-Worthy Handmade Wedding Decorations

Hey there, all my fabulous bride-tribe and wedding warriors! ????

Oh. My. Gosh! Can you even BELIEVE how much there is to do? ????‍♀️ Our fairytale day is JUST around the corner and, let me tell you, the to-do list is longer than the train on a royal wedding dress! ????

The cake? Darling, let’s not even get started on the layers of deliciousness that await. And the bouquet? Honey, it’s like trying to pick my favorite chocolate – impossible! ????

Invites? ???? Can we talk about the calligraphy and glitter?

And you cannot forget the wedding dress! From the classic ball gowns to the most enchanting gypsy wedding dresses, we’re talking layers upon layers of tulle and bling!

But hold the phone, y’all, because there is one thing that can make you go crazy and we are here to help! DECORATIONS are the true divas of this extravaganza! ???? They’re like the glittering tiara on top of our big day! ???? And boy oh boy, are they thirsty for attention.

I’ve got five words for you: Spectacular. Handmade. Wedding. Decorations. These beauties are going to make your heart sing and your guests’ jaws drop!

What a challenge! Well, we’re here to help. Take a load off your mind with these five spectacular, handmade Etsy wedding decorations!

Treat yourself to an absolutely gorgeous event:

1. Guestbook Globe by NewlyScripted

1 Guestbook Globe

This fantastic globe would make a superb centerpiece at your wedding! Or at any other event, really. Hand painted with care, the 12″ diameter globe can hold up to 250 signatures and is available in any color and font style you wish. There is also a crazy amount of options when it comes to the globe stand finishes: gold, silver, rose gold, copper, nickel, you name it… If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from Amber, the talented shop owner. Head over to the link above now!

Available from NewlyScripted

2. Copper Initial Wire Letters by TheLetterLoftUK

2 Copper Initial Wire Letters

Let’s just take a moment to admire these letters… so gorgeous, right? Handcrafted by The Letter Loft, a father and daughter duo (awww!), these stainless steel, copper-colored letters are an original wedding decoration idea. Especially if you consider that you can keep them around long after the event has passed – score! And a few more things to delight you… They are free-standing. They are powder-coated (which means the paint work will survive any accidental fall). And last but not least, they make a superb gift! Go on now, check them out in the link above.

Available from TheLetterLoftUK

3. Rustic Wedding Decor by RosaLilla

3 Rustic Wedding Decor

If you are searching for a fabulous wedding sign with a romantic touch, look no further! This rustic sign would be the perfect deco item to have around at the event itself, but also at photoshoots or get-togethers. And, after the festivities are over, you can take it home and use it as a wall hanging – keep around those precious memories forever! The wooden pieces are available in three colors (nutmeg, antique oak, antique white) so you’re simply bound to find one that you like. Link’s above, get clicking!

Available from RosaLilla

4. Wine Cork Heart by LoveMue

4 Wine Cork Heart

Any wedding has to have a heart-shaped item as a decoration motif (it’s a celebration of love, after all). So why not make yours extra special? This one is hand made out of rustic wine corks and is the type of unique item that can single-handedly elevate your wedding décor game. So beautiful and fun! It will be a treat to have around in your home after the party is over, too. Hang it on the wall for a super cool visual effect and be ready to receive a flow of compliments. Check it out!

Available from LoveMue

5. Blush Paper Flowers by pompomblossom

5 Blush paper flowers

Flowers are ofttimes the top priority when it comes to wedding décor. However, why stop at tiny blooms when you can step it up a notch and go for gorgeous, giant pompom peonies? Coming in neutral shades like nude, blush, dove grey, champagne or ivory, these handcrafted and hand-dyed flowers are suitable for any type of celebration, be it vintage-inspired or contemporary. Just imagine using them as a backdrop for photos – so chic! See the original listing for more details and get inspired by browsing through the photos!

Available from pompomblossom

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores

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