5 Of The Coolest Ocean-Inspired Items On Etsy

Bring the ocean breeze into your home with this wonderful array of nautical-inspired products. All these handmade items are fun, elegant and inventive:

1. Albino Koi Fish Bodysuit by AliciaZenobia

01 Albino Koi Fish Bodysuit

Granted, this may not be for the faint of heart, but doesn’t it look glorious? With a stand out pattern and an otherworldly sheen, this is the kind of suit that does all the talking for you. Perfect for dancers, artists or rockstars!

Available from AliciaZenobia

2. Hand Drawn Anchor Stamp by papersushi

02 Handdrawn Anchor Stamp

Dress up your stationary with this dainty anchor stamp! Letters, cards or wrapping paper will always be more appreciated if they’re customized with a personal touch.

Available from papersushi

3. Sailor’s Love Knot Ring by NestedYellow

03 Sailor s Love Knot ring

How romantic is this ring? Inspired by the sea and the power of true love, this hand formed knotted ring is an intricate piece of jewelry that you’ll love to wear time and time again.

Available from NestedYellow

4. Tea Towel Double Tuna by erinflett

04 Tea Towel Double Tuna

Dress up your kitchen with this lively tea towel! Hand drawn and with a fun design, the double tuna is the kind of print that hits the right balance between amusing and serious. No doubt, this will be a hit with both kids and adults.

Available from erinflett

5. DIANA – WHALE PRINCESS whale plush by milipa

What would an ocean-inspired list be without a cute and cuddly stuffed animal? Diana the whale is a plushy toy that reigns as the queen of the ocean – it even has the (tiny) crown to prove it!

Available from milipa

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores