5 Best Knitted Handmade Blankets and Throws

Handmade Blankets

What’s cozier than wrapping yourself in a warm blanket that’s been handmade on a particularly chilly day? If your looking to buy an organic knitted blanket or perhaps a chunky wool blanket, then look no further. Below you’ll find plenty of handmade options to meet your special blanket preferences. And they come in every color of the rainbow!

1. Boho Blanket by WinkelvanCinkel

Boho Blanket

Speaking of elaborate color assortments, let’s begin by taking a look at this beauty! Consisting of colorful chevron stripe zig zag pattern with a lovely cream border, this happy-patterned blanket will keep you warm without being suffocating. This lightweight throw is made to order out of acrylic yarn and acrylic/wool mix. As for the size? It fits one adult person comfortably. Check this blanket out now!

Blanket available from WinkelvanCinkel

2. Lambswool Blanket Throw Red and Pink Stripe by HollyandEvie

What a cutie! This red and pink blanket is made on a hand powered knitting machine out of 100% British lambswool. It’s also nice and light, so you’ll love having it around your house. Regardless if you’ll use it when you snuggle on your couch or you keep it draped over the end of a chair, its bright stripes will always make a statement. This blanket is medium-sized and it is made out of two knitted pieces that are hand sewn together down the middle. A large size is also available, but you’ll have to get in touch with the seller, as it’s made to order only. Alright now, of you go to the link above for more details about these blankets! :)

Blanket available from HollyandEvie

3. Ultra Soft Thick Cosy Warm Two Tone Green Sherpa by JustSewWoolly

This blanket stands out with its lovely deep green! A handmade gem providing a very cosy, cuddly and stylish choice, perfect for wintertime. A super cozy blanket that also makes a lovely home décor accessory! Just imagine getting beneath this gem for a movie night or to whisk you off to sleep… perfect! Check out the listing – it’s in the link above.

Blanket available from JustSewWoolly

4. Super Chunky Knit Blanket by KnitCoutureCo

4 Super Chunky Knit Blanket

This chunky blanket is like a soft pastel dream! Hand crafted from superfine 100% Australian Merino wool yarn, this one is really big (and really beautiful): one stitch measures 1.8 inches or 4.5 cm. The real secret to its charm, softness and durability, though? The fact that it is made using natural yarn from pure fibers. Merino wool has exceptionally fine fibers which feel luxurious and gentle on the skin. Not only that, but Merino wool is also hypoallergenic and highly permeable (it regulates body temperature and heart rate, improving your sleep). So it’s suitable for everyone, from newborns to adults! Finally, Merino is an entirely natural fibre that is renewable and biodegradable. The blanket is ready to ship in 5 to 8 days. For dimensions, color options and shipping details about these blankets, visit the link above.

Available from KnitCoutureCo

5. Wool Cable Knit blanket in Navy Blue Color by GSwool

5 Wool Cable Knit blanket in Navy Blue Color

This classic cable knit blanket is all about timeless elegance! Its navy blue color will make it a stand-out accessory in your home. Amazingly soft to the touch, this beauty is crafted out of 100% Merino Wool. You won’t want to let it out of your reach! It is also available in a pale blue, perfect if your looking for a softer tone. Feel free to contact the seller for a custom order – you’ll find the listing to this blanket linked above.

Available from GSwool

Be sure to checkout these colorful blankets on Etsy now!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores