Handmade Trends 2016 Part 3: A Return To Nature

Pumped up to see what 2016 has in store for you? Don’t just wait to see what happens, take the reigns and make it your best year yet! To help you stay in the know, we’re hunting down the coolest 2016 handmade trends. This way, you’ll be always one step ahead of the rest… Regardless if you’re a business-minded Etsy seller, a trend-conscious shopper or simply an inspiration seeker, knowing what’s going to be hot will pay off as the year unfolds. Start by reading part 1 and part 2 of our 2016 handmade trends report. And now, for part 3…

2016 is gearing up to be the year when both big and small businesses will find themselves focusing more on eco-friendly, sustainable products. So what’s different, you ask? Well, this time around, these items will take on a simpler, less fussy approach. Think: unfussy shapes, simple structures and a straightforward appearance, which blends beauty and functionality. Without a doubt, the perfect pairings for the new minimalism trend. ;)

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest items already leading the way…

Handmade Trends 2016 – A Return To Nature: Coconut Shells

Handmade Coconut Shell Set of 2 Soap Dispensers by MadeForNorah

1 Handmade Coconut Shell set of 2 Soap Dispenser

Ever thought about a coconut shell soap dispenser to help you add a natural feel to your bath, kitchen or office? Well, now you’ve just done so! :) How beautiful is this? It’s made out of a coconut shell, natural wicker rope and a black plastic pump. Coming in sets of two. As the sizes of the natural coconut shells may slightly vary, the appearance of each dispenser could vary as well. But the capacity will stay the same: 150 ml.

And, yes: this set would make a superb gift for anyone who loves eco-friendly, natural (and handmade) products. Direct link to purchase above.

Available from MadeForNorah

Handmade Trends 2016 – A Return To Nature: Driftwood

Driftwood Coasters by Railis

2 Driftwood coasters

Hailing from the shores of Iceland, these 4 driftwood coasters would make a lovely addition to any home. They are made, of course, out of real wood that was later cut, sanded and topped with protective varnish to keep them in top condition. It is said that the driftwood found in Iceland comes all the way from snowy Siberia, having traveled up to 100 years before being picked up by the locals. What a story!

Now what do you say about these coasters? Even more covetable, aren’t they? :) Click the link above to land on their product page.

Available from Railis

Handmade Trends 2016 – A Return To Nature: Mango Wood

Wood Lamp by MangoAndMore

3 Wood lamp

This stop-and-stare floor lamp was hand carved from golden mango wood and it promises to add a warm and romantic ambiance to any room. Not to mention its unique and exotic looks that make it stand out – such a beauty! Hurry along and click the link above to learn more not just about the product, but also about the life of a mango tree and what makes it a sustainable choice. A great read and a fabulous product all rolled into one… go, go, go!

Available from MangoAndMore

Handmade Trends 2016 – A Return To Nature: Air Plants

Palm Tree Wood Block by GemsOfTheSoil

4 Palm Tree Wood Block

Giving off an irresistible minimalistic feel, this air stand is all about bringing a dose of happiness and energy to every corner of your home! Perfect as a set of two or three, these palm tree wannabes (as their seller adoringly calls them) consist of a stand, a wooden base and a living plant. The base is available in natural dark walnut or white and the wire options include copper or aluminum. Oh, and all items include plant care guidelines! :) Follow the link above to quickly access the listing.

Available from GemsOfTheSoil

Handmade Trends 2016 – A Return To Nature: Burlap

Burlap Bag by LouEmbrace

5 Burlap Jute Bag

A wonderful alternative to paper or plastic grocery bags, this burlap bag has all the credentials it needs to accompany you everywhere, from the farmer’s market to the mall. Handmade, eco-friendly and with a bohemian flair, this durable bag is available in 3 pre-defined sizes (small, medium, large), but can also be made to custom specifications. Its body is 100% jute and the handles are 100% cotton. The bag is available in brown, as shown, or in a striped navy pattern – search for the listing in the store. The link above will get you to the original listing.

Available from LouEmbrace

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores