Handmade Storage Solutions To Keep You Organized In The New Year

You might be the tidiest person to ever walk the face of Earth or, of course, the polar opposite of that. Whichever the case may be, you can never have too many handmade storage solutions around your house. Because, let’s be frank: occasions (and needs) abound. Organizing existing items, finding a place for new purchases or sorting out your jewelry… all of these tasks call for specialized storage. Good thing you can find it all on Etsy! Ahead, a fabulous-looking, practical and varied array of bins, shelves or boxes are ready to pull you out of a rut and keep your house neat all the while.

Check them out:

1. Jewelry Box (Big Size) by IamTerez

1 Jewelry box

Let’s start off our list with this adorable and super chic jewelry box! If finding your favorite ring or necklace on short notice is always a pain, this product will make your life easier. Boasting some considerable dimensions (30x22x10 cm), this handmade jewelry box features two separate storage levels, which are both beautifully lined with cloth. The first level can be removed, revealing even more compartments for each and every type of jewelry you own.

This handmade piece is of a superb quality, to the point where it looks almost machine made. Would love to purchase it? Direct link to its listing can be found above.

Available from IamTerez

2. Magazine Rack by offcutstudio

2 Magazine Rack

Whoa, whoa! Isn’t this magazine rack simply something else? Its subtle, elegant lines are truly something to behold! And it’s not just the appearance that will blow you away. The item is also easy to install and it takes up just a minimum of space. It is made of walnut veneer, finished in a durable, all-natural oil and it can hold 5 to 10 magazines, depending on their size.

Oh, and, of course, it comes with everything needed for mounting. Check out the listing above for more details.

Available from offcutstudio

3. Wood Shelves by APT8ecodesign

3 Wood shelves

Beautiful shelves alert! :) Talk about a storage solution with a twist! Fun, stylish and undeniably pretty, these shelves can successfully provide the extra storage slash display space you need, all while adding to the aesthetic of the room. This being said, they would be perfect for both your home and your office: the shelves can be placed in any order you prefer and you can get as many units as you need. And, of course, there are more colors you can choose from – simply click the link above to get to the listing.

Available from APT8ecodesign

4. Felt Box by GopherHandmade

4 Felt box

Looking for a lighter and more versatile storage solution? This felt storage box might be right up your alley! You can use it to store lose ends in your wardrobe or you can simply place it on a shelf – it’ll keep its shape even when it isn’t full. Its minimalistic, original looks are suitable for any type of space: kids’ room, bedroom, living room, office, you name it!

Super chic, useful and lovely to look at, this box would also make an excellent housewarming gift! To purchase directly, to ask for extra information about the felt or to place custom orders, follow the link above.

Available from GopherHandmade

5. Pen Holder by Myflowermeadow

5 Pen Holder

No handmade storage solution countdown is truly complete without a stop-and-stare idea for your office or desk… So here’s a lovely pen holder to help you keep your workplace clean, pretty and organized! Isn’t it absolutely stunning? This unique item combines practicality with good looks and the result couldn’t be any better. Hand crafted from carefully selected walnut wood, it comes with the featured vase included, making it easy for you to dress up your desk with pretty flowers. Follow the link above for a direct purchase link and the complete listing.

Available from Myflowermeadow

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores