Handmade Trends 2016 Part 2: Subtle Pops Of Color

New year, new you? Enjoy a clean start by hitting refresh not just on your personal goals, but on your professional ones as well! As we kick-off 2016, we’re taking a look at what will be the hottest handmade trends for the year to come, so make sure you’re (closely) following along. Trend hunting plus handmade hunting should already have your senses all tingling with joy! In which case, find the first part of the series here. And keep on reading for the second one…

A defining factor of any handmade product, color can make or break a customer’s first impression. Whereas, until recently, the Etsy world was divided between neon aficionados and dedicated pastel lovers, 2016 is set to see the two worlds colliding in fresh and interesting ways. How, you may ask? Our story begins with Rose Quartz and Serenity, the pair of balanced and calming hues that were both named color of the year by Pantone. Not too bold, but not too soft either, these pastel-reminiscent colors bring together the best of both worlds, while promoting a blissful state of calm.

In the world of handmade goods, this concept should see application in a more varied color palette that spans everything from middle-toned pinks and blues to yellows and oranges. The best part is that this color philosophy is versatile enough to cover all areas of daily life in a myriad of ways, so neither the Etsy sellers nor the buyers will get tired of it too soon. Promising, or what? Now, let’s take a look at a few items that are already forging ahead with the trend:

Handmade Color Trends 2016: Pink

Pink Porcelain Bowl with 22k Gold Edge by LavallierEmporium

1 Pink Porcelain bowl with 22k Gold edge

Pink will most definitely be HUGE this year, so why not take advantage of the situation and get the fancy bowl you’ve always wanted? Handmade and finished with 22k gold trimming, this superb beauty will be ideal for serving yummy desserts, entrees or even your daily breakfast. The seller also has a wide range of colors available, so you can mix and match as you keep adding to your collection. :) Discover the direct product link above.

Available from LavallierEmporium

Handmade Color Trends 2016: Yellow

Baby Socks In A Box by Quirkorium

2 Baby Socks In A Box

If a special couple you know are having a baby and you were struggling to find the perfect gift for them, these adorable socks are the answer! Super cute and lovingly hand knit, they are nestled in a box of shredded kraft paper along with a printed notecard. So sweet and, most definitely, a treat to open! More color options available in the listing – direct link above.

Available from Quirkorium

Handmade Color Trends 2016: Greens & Pinks

Handmade Candles Set Of Three by LessCandles

3 Handmade Candles Set Of Three

Into handmade candles? Then you won’t be able to resist this set of beautiful spherical candles. They are available in three colors (white, mint, pastel pink) and four possible mixes (see the drop-down menu on the product’s listing). All their lower halves are hand painted gold, using a special lacquer for candles. Burning time is about 26 hours. Delightful! Click the product link above – it’ll take you directly to the listing.

Available from LessCandles

Handmade Trends 2016 Colors: Lavender & Lilac

Kids Lavender Handmade Bird by bubbletime

4 Kids Lavender Handmade Bird

Awww! Isn’t this just the cutest little stuffed critter? This small pudgy bird will feel right at home with you and your little ones. The best part (ok, besides its cuteness) is that it has no metal or plastic bits, so your kid can play with it safely. The seller informs us that this soft, cuddly and good-natured bird likes to sit in the palm of your hand for hours on end! :) Will you let it? Check out its listing by clicking above.

Available from bubbletime

Handmade Color Trends 2016: Blues & Greens

SET of 3: Wedding decorations by FiberStore

5 SET of 3 Wedding decorations

Wedding or nursery decorations, party décor, you name it: these splendid droplets can make any space come to life. The listing includes a set 3 origami hanging paper decorations, available in 9 colors and 5 shapes. The droplets themselves are approximately of the same height (17″ or 42 cm), with varying diameters from 8″ (20 cm) to 13″ (32 cm). You can hang them as they are or you can get creative and decorate them with stickers and masking tape. Sounds like fun! Find the direct link to them above.

Available from FiberStore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores