Handmade Trends 2016 Part 1: A New Minimalism

A new year brings along brand new beginnings that never fail to get us excited about what’s to come. Small personal resolutions, promises, fresh goals… whether you’re an Etsy seller or an avid buyer, the end of the year is a time to take it all in and asses what the new year will be about. Thankfully, just like in the world of fashion or that of interior design, trends can take the guesswork out of this process. Knowing what’s going to be hot in the world of handmade next year will help you navigate it way more easily. Or, why not, make smart business moves… ;)

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered! This spanking new series about 2016 handmade trends will be an entertaining and helpful read that combines trend hunting with handmade hunting. A match made in heaven! Let’s go:

The first trend we’re going to talk about is the new minimalism. Why new, you ask? Well, unlike its predecessors, the latest take on minimalism has a more… lush approach. Sure, the idea of pared down, limited (and strictly necessary) number of elements is still there, except that their finish is now becoming more elaborate. Noble and perfectly polished materials, like brass, copper, wood and marble, will make an even bigger splash in the world of handmade next year. From interior décor items to accessories and even to jewelry, this luxe approach could be translated into almost anything. Here are a few items that are already championing the new minimalism trend:

Handmade Trends 2016 A New Minimalism – The Marble Finish:

Marble or marble finishes can add a highly luxurious touch to just about any handmade item…

Marble Stud Earring by redsister

1 Marble Stud Earring

Gorgeous, aren’t they? The perfect blend of minimalism and elegant finishes, these marble earrings are a must have for any fashionista. Clearly, these beauties are all about subtlety… with a twist. And they are made of gold plated brass and marbled natural white howlite stone. Beautiful! Direct link for purchase above.

Available from redsister

Handmade Trends 2016 A New Minimalism – The Warmth Of Wood:

Minimalism is not just about cold metallic finishes. Wood also plays an important part in redefining this trend.

Oak Wall Hook by WOODINDECOR

2 Oak Wall Hook

Made of old golden oak, this wall hook is a handy means to increase the style factor of any space – front entrance, bedroom, bathroom or living room… you name it! Hand made, unique and sanded to a perfect smoothness, the hook is treated with linseed oils and beeswax. For more details and a direct purchase link, click above.

Available from WOODINDECOR

Handmade Trends 2016 A New Minimalism – Sophisticated Brass:

With its impressively polished appearance and incredible versatility, brass will be a popular favorite in the new year.

Solid Brass Bottle Opener With Leather Handle by BrandIron

3 Solid brass bottle opener

Perfect for any beer enthusiast in your life, this bottle opener is made of solid brass and successfully blends style and functionality. It is polished smooth and fitted with an Italian leather handle, which comes in either black, brown or natural – your pick! Click above for the direct link.

Available from BrandIron

Handmade Trends 2016 A New Minimalism – Pretty Porcelain:

Ok, porcelain is not the first material that pops into your head when thinking about minimalism. However, it can be fashioned into forms you may have never considered…

Minimalist Ring Holder by honeycombstudio

4 Minimalist Ring Holder

Hand made from porcelain, covered in clear glaze and finished in hand-applied gold leaf… no wonder this ring holder look sooo good! Its modern silhouette and refined looks make it the ideal home for your most prized jewelry pieces. Direct purchase link above.

Available from honeycombstudio

Handmade Trends 2016 A New Minimalism – Gorgeous Copper:

Copper is a versatile material that can be used to make just about anything. It doesn’t hurt that it looks absolutely stunning, either. ;) We’re betting heavily on it as one of the top 2016 handmade trends.

Moscow Mule by Mturquoise

5 Moscow Mule

This hand crafted, pure copper mug would make a superb gift for yourself or for someone you love. It can be used for decorative purposes or just to keep drinks cool – it’ll look wonderful either way. Discover the direct link to it above.

Available from Mturquoise

Stay tuned for more 2016 handmade trends!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores