Hunting For… Handmade Shoe Decorations!

Good news, girls: if you’ve ever wish that your beloved flats or heels could successfully pull off double duty, today’s your lucky day! We’ve assembled a list of handmade shoe decorations that’ll effortlessly take your favorite pair of shoes from “business” to “party” in two seconds flat. Because that’s exactly how long it takes to clip on a fancy flower, bow or rhinestone cluster on a pair of sneakers or of bridesmaid’s heels. Tuck a pair of these cuties into your handbag and call it a (very glamorous) day:

1. Red Leather Flowers Shoe Clips by katrinshine

1 Red leather flowers shoe clips

Strikingly resembling real-life flowers, these clips have show-stopping abilities. Their striking red hue will make you stand out in the crowd, while the small golden beads nested at the very center of each flower add even more flair to the design. Every shoe accessory is crafted out of red leather and has a clip at the back for easy placement and removal. The irregular contour and organic outlines make them look impressively life-like. You’ll love them if you are all about making a statement. Perfect for bridesmaids, too! :) Catch them in the link above.

Available from katrinshine

2. Pink Shoe Clips by LuciaStofej

2 Pink Shoe Clips

Bridesmaids, future brides or wedding goers, here are the ultimate shoe decorations for you! These pink clips are a stunning mix of hand-dyed chiffon, Swarovski pearls, sparkling beads and gold-plated chain. Gorgeous in its daintiness, the sparkly cluster wonderfully offsets the soft petals, as if it were part of a real flower. Swoon-worthy! Of course, these would look amazing paired with a matching pink dress and shoes. However, know that the clips are also available in white, light yellow or ivory… ;) Be sure to browse around the shop for matching accessories.

Available from LuciaStofej

3. Running Shoe Charms by HarperLeeJewelry

3 Running Shoe Charms

If you’ve ever felt like you need just one extra push to carry on with your training, then these inspirational shoe charms will do the trick! The perfect accessory to boost motivation levels for runners, walkers or casual bikers, each charm is made to order and hand stamped with your preferred message. Now, whether they’re addressed to yourself or to someone you love is entirely up to you… Which message will you choose? Click the link above to jump to the product description and see more photos, customization and features.

Available from HarperLeeJewelry

4. Elegant Black Bows With Rhinestones Shoe Clips Mififi by MififiAccessories

4 elegant black bows with rhinestones shoe clips Mififi

Bows or hearts are not the only way to go about your shoe clips. These stunning decorations prove that a straight rectangle shape topped off with an impressive mix of glimmering rhinestones will do juuust fine. More than fine actually, they’ll be fantastic! Imagine clipping these on the pumps or the flats you wear to the office, so they can take you straight to that afternoon date. See their listing via the link above and really, DO make sure you browse through the entire shop – there are lots more hidden treasures in there. :)

Available from MififiAccessories

5. Fairy Dust! Sparkling Bow Shoe Clips by KlaraKleingeld

5 Sparkling bow shoe clips

Iridescent glitter particles make these white bows shimmer and look almost magical. The fabric that they are made of is firm, but soft, so that the glitter particles can adhere safely. Very glamorous! On top of it all, the shoe clips are made with a special eye for detail: their backs and the clips themselves features soft felt fabric, so as to protect the surface of your shoes. What was the word? Oh yes – magical. :) See them (and more) through the link above.

Available from KlaraKleingeld

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores