Perk Up Your Furniture With These Decorative Knobs

If you’re serious about spring cleaning this year, you’ll love these decorative knobs. Instead of replacing your favorite cabinet or closet (or worse, leaving it as it is), bring it to life with a fresh coat of paint and a couple of fancy knobs. It’s amazing to see how, with a little effort, you can breathe new life into an old or overworked piece of furniture.

With all this said, know that the handmade decorative knobs you’ll find below are made out of all sorts of materials. From leather to wood and even to gemstones, there are LOTS of options to choose from.

1. Cactus Mandala Drawer Knob by undun

1 Cactus mandala drawer knob

Stunning! This unique cactus-shaped knob can single-handedly bring any type of furniture up to date. Cupboards, drawers or dressers… they could all benefit from its glorious appearance. But it’s not all about the aspect: this knob is also tough and resilient, so you can expect it to last at least as long as your cupboards! The color pictured here is “yellow green”, but the knob can also be painted differently. Check the listing to see all the options! In there you’ll also find the exact length of screws and other practical dimensions. Have fun!

Available from undun

2. Wooden House Drawer Handle by CraftedPineCo

2 wooden house drawer handle

This minimalist house can bring a touch of Scandinavian style to any room… even the children’s! Uncomplicated, versatile and utterly beautiful, it can easily become the focal point of your favorite drawers. So cute! The knob is made from Scottish pine and is finished in water-based paint and varnish. As for colors, there are many others available besides black, so you can easily pick your favorite. :) And finally, its thoughtful makers have also included some handy guidance on how to pick the correct size of fixing. Check the listing for more details and instructions!

Available from CraftedPineCo

3. Leaf Knob With Blue Watercolor by gumcrackkids

3 leaf knob with blue watercolor

Halfway between adorable and minimalistic, this superb leaf-shaped knob will enhance the beauty of an old cabinet in a single swipe. Imagine what a couple or more of these could do! Its contemporary designs makes it effortlessly stand out, while the wispy black lines add to its complexity. The knob is handcrafted out of paper clay and comes in two different designs, each with its own dominant color (navy blue or mint green). All of the products in this shop are eco-friendly and there are so many to discover! Feel free to browse around – there are more leafy designs to be found. And remember to check out all the photos of this item for color schemes and exact dimensions. Enjoy!

Available from gumcrackkids

4. Genuine Leather Drawer Pulls by BengjyMinu

4 Genuine Leather Drawer Pulls

Ever thought about attaching leather pulls instead of knobs to your drawers? If not, now’s the time to seriously consider it… These handmade leather pulls can be an inexpensive, yet utterly striking upgrade for your favorite furniture. And, as all leather items, they’ll only get better with age: in time, they’ll acquire a lustrous finish thanks to the natural oils from your hands. How amazing does that sound? Finally, note that the seller is also open to making special items or to customizing your picks. Click over to find out details on packaging and on other production-related information.

Available from BengjyMinu

5. Assorted Agate Handle Set by RoyalSuzieJewelry

5 Assorted Agate Handle Set

Are. You. Ready? These GORGEOUS agate handles will rock your world. Or your furniture, that is. Their incredible colors are a sight to behold – so much so that you may already be trying to figure out where best to place them. ;) These X-large agate pulls come in a set of two and you can pick your favorite hues, if you feel like it. Custom orders are also available. Simply message the seller for inquiries. Now, you can’t wait to click over and check them out in full glory, can you? Go ahead, the direct link can be found above.

Available from RoyalSuzieJewelry

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores