Dreamy Gemstone Jewelry

If you love handmade gemstone jewelry that’s raw, edgy and just a bit wild (in the best sense possible), the following pieces are for you! With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to spruce up your jewelry game, so what better way to do it than with a couple of statement pieces? You’ll be quite surprised to see how versatile they can be… most of them will work with any style, from minimalistic to boho-chic. Plus, however big or small your budget is, you’ll certainly find pieces that match it. The road to a more fabulous jewelry collection starts right here:

1. Raw Citrine And Herkimer Diamond Crystals Antique Gold Handcarved Cuff by BreakAstone

1 Raw citrine and herkimer diamond crystals antique gold handcarved cuff

This insanely gorgeous cuff boasts the perfect dose of bohemian flair! It is hand-carved and decorated with a raw citrine crystal right in the middle and with two herkimer diamonds on either side. Its gorgeous design renders it an exceptional focus piece for the layered bracelet look, but this beauty is equally stunning when worn just by itself. The metal has been oxidized and engraved to give it an antique look, then polished for a burnished finish, which will get even more beautiful with time. One more detail you need to know? The cuff is also available in sterling silver! Go check it out in the link above.

Available from BreakAstone

2. Amplified Raw Amethyst Ring by ConsciousCultivation

2 Amplified Raw Amethyst Ring

The ring you see in the picture above is handmade following an original design. And what a design! A raw amethyst is wrapped in copper wire, a choice of material that is far from random. Copper happens to be one of the most conductive metals, so it is perfect for amplifying the frequency of the crystals and stones. Couple that with the fact that amethyst is also known as the stone of spirituality, bringing along calmness and peace, and you’ve got yourself a winner! Finally, remember that each ring will be custom made for you. This means that each one will be completely unique, down to the stone – each piece of amethyst may vary slightly in size and color because of their natural formation. See more pictures and read more about the powers of copper and amethyst by checking out the original listing.

Available from ConsciousCultivation

3. Kyanite Necklace by LovGeo

2 Kyanite Necklace

Gorgeous, yes, but there is more to this blue kyanite necklace than meets the eye. This piece is suitable for those who need to restore their energy levels and bring back balance to their lives. The crystal will aid you in your quest to manifest your dreams and purify your aura. Furthermore, kyanite will calm your mind and will create the perfect headspace for tranquility and meditation. If feeling zen is what you’re after, this crystal can be a trusty sidekick. Not to mention, it hangs on a gold plated chain – what a beauty! Find it in the link above.

Available from LovGeo

4. 1 Gemstone Chakra Pendant by LalaBoho

3 Gemstone Chakra Pendant

So pretty and colorful! For these silver capped gemstone chakra pendants, you have five options to choose from for the base stone: labradorite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz and tigers eye. Each of them comes with 7 chakra gemstones that are all lined up on its front side. Why? Well, natural rocks, crystals or gemstones are often used in context with energetic types of healing. Click over to read more about chakra pendants and decide which stone will suit you best! Note that all of these are natural gemstones and will vary slightly in tone or shape from what you can see in the photo above. Alright now, time to see the original listing! :)

Available from LalaBoho

5. Rose Quartz Stud Earrings by LittleSycamore

5 Rose Quartz Stud Earrings

The rose quartz bits in these lovely earrings are mounted on 22K gold-plated posts, in a combination that looks simply incredible! Each pair of these raw stone earrings is unique, thanks to the electroforming process (copper depositing onto the base of the stone for 12+ hours). After that period of time, sanding, waxing and darkening the copper is employed to bring the earrings to their final state. No wonder these are so striking after how much attention to detail is necessary make them. Perfect for the lady with a romantic outlook on life! Make sure you see their Etsy listing for additional pictures that show how they look when worn.

Available from LittleSycamore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores