From Etsy To Etsy: How To Further Your Etsy Business Without Leaving The Marketplace

girl-mag-unsplash-webYou have the name, the story, the products, the means to distribute them and access to a variety of channels to promote them.


That’s a lot of stuff – and it’s good that you have them all figured out.

However, you don’t want to ignore the visuals. And that… that’s where the path can get bumpy. You want to translate what your brand stands for into a single and cohesive visual identity that is in line with the times AND with what you stand for.

That’s quite an undertaking, no matter how you look at it. And it’s not just about having an eye-catching logo. You also want matching packaging, banners or stamps and many other things. So here’s where the Etsy shop supplies come in!

You may not think about Etsy as the go-to place for OOAK logos, store graphics or mailing supplies, but boy, you’d be surprised! Etsy has a lot to offer if you’re a shop owner! A lot A LOT.

Keep browsing and pick what you need:


Etsy Shop Supplies: Logos

unsplash image 2Logos are SUCH a pain point for many Etsy owners. Hands up if these sound familiar:

What should it look like?

What colors should it include?

Which format is the best: horizontal, round or square?

And these barely scratch the surface of the problem.

So why not take all of these dilemmas and divert them to someone who actually does logo creation for a living? Outsourcing this task to an expert is simple, quick and, most of all, pain-free.

There are lots of graphic designers who are ready to help brand your Etsy businesses with a custom, affordable logo. You can get started right here.


Etsy Shop Supplies: Various Graphics

If you’re serious about getting rid of the entire hassle that comes with figuring out your shop’s visual identity, here’s a solution. Head to Etsy’s Store Graphics section, where you can find custom Etsy banners, avatars, complete Etsy shop designs and even matching designs for your social media profiles.

Oh, and if you also have a blog on the side, you can make sure it matches the rest of your visual identity, too. Etsy is full of pre-made Blogger or WordPress templates that are sold as instant downloads. Happy blogging!


Etsy Shop Supplies: Labels, Stamps and Packaging

packaging-unsplash-webOnce you are the proud owner of a spanking new set of branding assets, you have to set them loose into the world. :) And for that, you’ll need to include them in your product packaging or labeling. There’s nothing more professional than sending out your lovingly-made items in branded packaging. Your customers will be excited to open the parcels and impressed with the level of attention you’ve put into them. Plus, if you do things right, you might also get shoutouts on social media. Score!

Ok, so this is where you can find custom labels and tags on Etsy and this is where you can head for custom packaging and mailing supplies. Everything from customized thank you cards to envelopes and stamps are hidden in there.


Etsy Shop Supplies: Bags, Boxes and Various Containers

This chapter is pretty much self-explanatory and what you’re looking for will, of course, depend on the type of products that you are selling. So! If you’re having trouble finding suitable packaging for your products (anything from creams and perfumes to soaps, beads or earrings) you’ll REALLY love these Etsy shop resources. Click here for bags, here for boxes and right here for containers.


Etsy Shop Supplies: Media Kits

technology pixabayIf you’re a creative in search of business partners (and especially if you want to pitch said business partners), you’ll want to have a media press kit on hand that underlines your stats, achievements and status.

So why not eschew the hassle that comes with putting one together from scratch? Picking a ready-made template to fit your scope is easy-peasy and it’ll save you lots of time and, more importantly, creative brainpower. For some super-chic (yes, these media kits are CHIC!) and fully editable media kits, head over to BloggerKitCo. There are lots of styles to choose from.

To your Etsy success!