Say Cheese! 5 Stylish Handmade Photo Frames And Holders

Maybe you want one in order to display a happy moment in your family.

Maybe you want one in order to make your workspace cozier.

Or maybe you simply want one as decoration for an upcoming event.

Whichever your reason may be, handmade photo frames are one of the best investments you can make in terms of interior décor. Think about it: you can keep them on display for (literal) ages, and you can switch up their overall appearance just by replacing the photo inside. Not to mention, all this intrinsic versatility means they’ll look good in any space.

Ready to discover the handmade photo frames of your dreams? Keep scrolling for a variety of styles:

1. Rustic Wedding Frame by InesesWeddingGallery

1 Wedding Frame Rustic

This lovely wooden picture frame has a rustic, vintage appeal that is hard to resist. And why would you? It’s the perfect item to have on hand for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, but it’ll also make a stunning décor piece on the nightstand next to your bed. And, if you are actually planning a wedding in the near future, displaying each table number in one of these would be fabulous! Just keep in mind that this style is meant for a table-top display and it comes with a glass insert and a stand-on back, so plan accordingly. So chic! Check out its listing via the link above.

Available from InesesWeddingGallery

2. Geometric Photo Holder (set of 3) by fabriquedeco

2 Geometric Photo Holder (set of 3)

On the lookout for some minimalist, geometric holders for your most treasured photos? Well, look no further: this stunning set might just be perfect for you! The trio is made from sapele, walnut and ash wood and each shape is different from all the others. When you look at them as a whole though, they make up a simple, yet beautiful ensemble for pictures or small prints. Ideal desk accessories for cheering up your office! Head over to the shop for more details!

Available from fabriquedeco

3. Personalized Baby Picture Frame by ErdraWood

3 Personalized Baby Picture Frame

Awww… how cute is this? This photo frame would look impossibly charming in a nursery! It’s an adorable way to keep a cherished memory in sight as your kid grows older. The frame is made from plywood and it can be painted in almost any color your heart desires. So why not match it to the color scheme of the room? There are 14 hues to choose from before you check out! Finally, keep in mind that it would also make an awesome gift. Maybe someone dear to you has a baby shower coming up? Either way, do click over to the listing for more details – get ready to be swayed with cuteness! :)

Available from ErdraWood

4. Photo Frames Of Cement And Glass by MicaRicaShop

4 Photo frames of cement and glass

There’s something about the rough appearance of concrete that pairs so well with a cluster of bright crystals. Because, truly: aren’t these the most innovative photo frames you’ve ever seen? The solid, textured base is impeccably offset by a delicate steel cable, that’s just stiff enough to hold up a photo. Impossibly gorgeous! If these original photo holders have won over your heart (and how could they not), do click over to check them out up-close. You’ll be impressed.

Available from MicaRicaShop

5. Bohemian Minimalist Walnut + Natural Leather Picture Frame by hostandtoaststudio

5 Bohemian Minimalist Walnut Natural Leather Picture Frame

Sleek, modern, minimalist and with just a touch of bohemian flair, this superb handmade frame is a sight to behold! Crafted out of solid walnut and natural vegetable tanned leather, it is a fantastic way to keep a treasured memory on display long after the special day has flown by. You can choose from multiple sizes and you can also opt for either a horizontal or a vertical orientation. And, if you need a custom size or want to have a white mat added in, don’t hesitate to send in a convo with your request. Click above to land directly on the product’s page!

Available from hostandtoaststudio

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores