5 Insanely Beautiful Handmade Candle Holders

Few things are more pleasant in life than enjoying a bubble bath at the end of a long, hard day, surrounded by scented tea lights.

Or having a candlelit dinner with your loved one.

Or just lounging in your armchair, listening to music and watching candle flames dance.

Get it? Candles? Good.

Whatever the occasion, candles are what’s needed for setting up a cosy atmosphere faster than you can say “spark”.

So it goes without saying that you should have some on hand at all times. You don’t even have to invest a lot, either. Just a few tea lights or dinner candles are all you need. The rest? Leave it to some stop-and-stare handmade candle holders! They look amazing, AND they match your interior décor scheme perfectly.

Wait, what?

Yup: Whichever your interior decorating preferences, you’re sure to find the PERFECT candle holder below:

1. Terrarium Candle Holder from SeriousALOE

1 Wedding candle

There’s something insanely charming about small glass terrariums… especially when they look as pretty as this one! Shaped like an octahedron, this terrarium is an ideal candle holder, as its faces will reflect the flame, multiplying the cosiness. Of course, this candle holder is suitable for your home, but it can also be used in formal settings like, say, weddings or anniversaries. Imagine having more of these scattered around the venue or on the guests’ tables… very chic! Finally, know that the terrarium is available in either black or gold finish – you’ll be facing a tough decision there. :) Head to the link above for more details.

Available from SeriousALOE

2. Set of 2 – Geometric Concrete Tea Candle Holder from FactoLab

2 Set of 2 - geometric concrete tea candle holder

If you’re in the market for something with more of a minimalistic vibe, this set of two modern tea light holders should be right up your alley! Understated, yet expressive and elegant, these two would make a superb accessory to have on your office desk or on your living room coffee table. Their clear, geometric contours give them a bit of an edge, while their overall shape appears to protect the candles and make them the star of the show – as they should be. Enjoy their soft and peaceful vibe! As for the candle holders, check them out in the link above asap.

Available from FactoLab

3. Candlestick Holders by Yahalomis

3 Candlestick holder

Are you ready for this?

Are you REALLY ready for this?

These may just be the most amazing handmade candle holders you’ve ever seen. Why? Well, they were crafted following a modular approach in which each holder is, in fact, made up of 2 holders. Here’s how: the top is suitable for taper candles, while the bottom is ideal for tea lights. Each part can be used individually. As for material, the set is made from a unique mix developed in-house by Yahalomis: local basalt and white ceramics. Head to the link above now to see more pictures of this stunning set!

Available from Yahalomis

4. Raku Ceramic Candle Holder by LeTerreDellaTorre

4 Raku ceramic candle holder white

This gorgeous candle holder has an organic shape that’ll have you stop and stare! Suitable for tea lights, it is composed of two separate parts: a base and a matching, organic top cover. A series of narrow, vertical slits in the candle holder allow the light to subtly peek out, while a wider opening at the top adds to the charm and practicality of the entire piece. So beautiful, right? The candle holder was made using the Raku technique, an ancient Japanese form of pottery. Don’t hesitate to click over and read all about it – there’s a fascinating and elaborate process behind this beauty!

Available from LeTerreDellaTorre

5. Wood Round Candle holder & Oval Glass (CH-05) in 4 colors by EasyWild

5 Wood Round Candle holder

Wow, wow and wow: this superb candle holder sure is eye-catching! Made up of two parts, a wooden base and a glass top, it is the perfect way to maximize the visual impact of a small tea light candle. As its sellers say, it would keep you company during a relaxing bath, a yoga session or, why not, during a quiet dinner at home. The holder is made using trimmed mango branches, which were carefully sanded into their final round shape. The bottom part is painted in white, but other colors are available, too. You can choose between white, grey, green or natural before you check out. Fabulous, right? For more, visit the product listing above.

Available from EasyWild

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores