Daily Hunt

Enter today’s practical selection of handmade items. Catering both for you, your friends or you significant other, some (or all!) of these products are ready to steal your heart. Let’s go:

1. Namast’ay In Bed Funny Pillow by hopealittle

01 Namastay In Bed Funny pillow

Your Sunday mantra is here and it’s looking fine! It would be good to have this funny pillow hanging around your couch all week, not just on Sundays, so that you know what you’re looking forward to ;)

Available from hopealittle

2. Unicorn Ring Yellow by GOODAFTERNINE

02 Unicorn Ring Yellow

Finally – unicorn jewelry that doesn’t look over the top. This handcrafted unicorn ring is adjustable, hand painted and magical to have it on your finger.

Available from GOODAFTERNINE

3. Large Ceramic Milk Bottle by emeraldandella

03 Large ceramic milk bottle

These gorgeous handmade bottles are individually molded and hand-colored, so it should be no surprise that they look THIS good. The large one should be just the perfect size for flowers, or why not, a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon.

Available from emeraldandella

4. Men’s Shirt by EliranNargassi

04 mens shirt

A sleek men’s shirt that can be worn casually, but also as a wedding shirt. With its black piping and regular or slightly slim fit, it should look dashing, no matter the occasion.

Available from EliranNargassi

5. Travel Mousepad by GoldzahnSupply

05 Travel Mousepad

Finally, someone thought about solving this problem! If you love traveling with work, you surely know the struggle of finding an appropriate surface for your mouse. The issue is easily fixable now, with this soft and flexible mousepad. Perfect whether you’re at home, in a coffeeshop or… on a train!

Available from GoldzahnSupply

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores