Daily Hunt

You’ll find that today’s selection is a little moodier than usual. The products mix in with a calm, raw, serene… even minimalistic atmosphere. A nice change of pace, wouldn’t you say? So take a deep breath, set your ringer on silent and enjoy:

1. Inspirational Print Typography Poster “Good Vibes Only” by TheMotivatedType

1 Inspirational Print Typography Poster Good Vibes Only

If you ever feel down, you can count on this poster to remind you that only good vibes deserve our attention. Kicking negativity out of your life can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. And this print is the perfect reminder that you can do so at any time.

Available from TheMotivatedType

2. Set Of 2 Bluish Grey Linen Pillowcase by notPERFECTLINEN

2 Set Of 2 Bluish Grey Linen Pillowcase

Home sweet home! Remember that amazing feeling when you slip in between fresh sheets for the first time? Now imagine how good these blue pillowcases can make you feel.

Available from notPERFECTLINEN

3. Wooden Stool / Tray / Bench by Habitables

3 wooden Stool

You’re all about a clean style and simple designs with a maximum impact? This furniture piece must be calling your name! Made of solid oak, this dual-colored beauty has the power to elevate just about any space.

Available from Habitables

4. Uneven Line Earrings by StillWithYou

4 Uneven line earrings

These earrings are so cool that it hurts. Minimalist and asymmetrical, they can be used either as a pair or separate singles in one ear. Oh, and they’re made of silver, too… pure perfection!

Available from StillWithYou

5. Organic Entree Plate by urbancartel

5 Organic Entree Plate

It may look fragile but it’s just an impression: this milky-colored plate is handmade from French porcelain and finished off in high temperatures. Now imagine how your meal would look on it! Chic, non?

Available from urbancartel

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores