5 Of The Best Mint-Colored Items On Etsy

Mint, the pastel color that can make even the dullest of things look fantastic, has been going strong for quite a few years now. And, luckily, it shows no signs of stopping. Keep reading to discover some of the best minty products on Etsy. Oh, and don’t go thinking that this is just a selection for the girls – there’s something in there for the boys as well! Check these out:

1. Mint Vintage Savoy Camera Photo by SusannahTucker

01 Mint vintage savoy camera photo

Starting off lightly here, with a gorgeous photograph depicting a tiny mint camera.  Use it as a decoration around your house for a charming (and instant!) splash of pastel yumminess.

Available from SusannahTucker

2. Mint Green Pencils for Wedding by joliejoliedesign

02 Mint Green Pencils for Wedding

Colorful pencils with engraved messages are not a new thing around here, but these pastel ones surely take the cake (pun definitely intended) with their minty aura. Imagine having these as part of your wedding favours – unique, fun and practical.

Available from joliejoliedesign

3. Mint Necktie For Men by APRILLOOKshop

03 Mint necktie for men

This skinny necktie was clearly made for men who want to have fun with their looks and are ready to get on board with a cool pastel hue. What do you say – challenge accepted? ;)

Available for APRILLOOKshop

4. Mint Green Scented Drawer Sachets by Gardenmis

04 Mint Scented Drawer Sachets

Not all minty items are made equal! These scented sachets might not be meant to be used as décor, but that’s even better: only you will know that these mint beauties will be tucked in your dresser drawer or in your linen closet. Lovely and… efficient!

Available from Gardenmis

5. Moth Origami Lampshade Ice Mint by nellianna

05 Moth origami lampshade ice mint

Finally, on today’s mint-tinted list, we have this creative lampshade. Easy to install and with a delightful design that brings a fun touch to your favorite space, you’ll want one of these in your EVERY room.

Available from nellianna

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores

Which one of these items was your favorite one? Do share!