Daily Hunt

A giant paper flower, the cutest felt-populated planet and an intricate knot that serves as a floor pillow? No doubt, you’re going to LOVE these:

1. Medium Mustard Floor Cushions by KNOTSstudio

1 Medium mustard Floor Cushions

Don’t be afraid to bring some extra color and texture into your living room! This nautical knot cushion might be just what the doctor ordered. Place it on the floor and create a cozy nook in which to unwind and relax.

Available from KNOTSstudio

2. Wine-O-Saur Wine Rack by TheBackPackShoppe

2 Wine-O-Saur

A fine bottle of wine needs a strong guardian. Enter: a fierce and unique wine rack that can not only house the bottle safely, but can also spark fun conversations. Consider any other wine rack extinct ;)

Available from TheBackPackShoppe

3. Women’s Personalized Genuine Leather Keychain by secondstudio

3 Womens personalized genuine leather keychain

You can go ahead and file this one under “the cutest keychain in existence”, because its perfect proportions and small dimensions grant it the title by default. Would be a cool gift for your best friend!

Available from secondstudio

4. Green Planet by Intres

4 Green Planet Mobile

Green Planet – population: felt. Made entirely out of felt and featuring an impressive array of tiny details, this whimsical little planet is a fun and complex ornament for the kid’s room. Complete with houses, trees, birds, owls and small mushrooms, it will nourish your little one’s imagination day after day.

Available from Intres

5. Big Paper Flower by MioPaperArt

5 Big Paper Flower

Gorgeous and a touch surreal, this oversized paper flower could be used as decoration for your upcoming special celebrations. Or as a prop for a tea party, a photoshoot or any other occasion you can think of. Oh, the possibilities!

Available from MioPaperArt

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores