Daily Hunt

Between a funny little fox bag, the coolest wooden ring holders in existence and a few bohemian-chic decorations, you’ll have trouble choosing your faves. Get right in:

1. Mini Fox Bag by LaLisette

1 Mini Fox Bag

The original design of this children’s bag will have your little one smiling with joy! Plus, it’s also made from genuine leather, so it’ll last for ages… No doubt, this will be a fun item to wear and love while growing up!

Available from LaLisette

2. Gold Home Decor by chelseyladams

2 Gold Home Decor

Feed your bohemian soul with this moon-inspired wall charm! Handcrafted and with a minimal design that looks cool in any room you place it in, it’s that one piece that will make a strong, lasting impression.

Available from chelseyladams

3. Genuine Leather Backpack by MenEvolution

3 Genuine leather backpack

The sheer sight of a backpack may not be enough to get you excited right off the bat, but wait until you hear something about this one! It’s made entirely out of 100% leather and it comes in a minimalistic urban style that reaches its full potential in this fabulous blue hue.

Available from MenEvolution

4. Quartz Crystal Cage Cuff Bracelet by theresekuempel

4 Quartz Crystal Cage Cuff Bracelet

This unique, one-of-a-kind bracelet would be the ideal companion for an incurable dreamer with a wild and free bohemian spirit. Pair it with long floral dresses and see it come to life!

Available from theresekuempel

5. Ringholder Set by Wooddesigndforyou

5 Ringholderset

This set contains handmade wooden diamonds, each with a different height – perfect to showcase your favorite rings or bands. It’s easy to see how this would look right at home on your bedside table, isn’t it? ;)

Available from Wooddesigndforyou

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores