Daily Hunt

Soothing textures, minimalistic silhouettes and practical features make these décor items perfect for a quick home makeover. No hassle involved. See for yourself:

1. Large Geometric Shelf by GeometricInk

1 Large Geometric Shelf

Create rhythm and symmetry in your interior space with this chic set of triangular shelves! There’s nothing like the structured look of a geometrical shelf to tame even the wildest of book or trinket collections.

Available from GeometricInk

2. Rustic Natural Ceramic 4 Cheese Markers by persimmonstreet

2 Rustic Natural Ceramic 4 Cheese Markers

Love serving a good cheese plate to your guests? Elevate the experience by adding this neat set of ceramic markers to the mix. Your friends will never have to wonder which assortment is which every time they fancy another bite. Bon appetit!

Available from persimmonstreet

3. Porcelain 3D Large Wall Art Set by PrinceDesignUK

3 Porcelain 3D large wall

If there ever was a décor item that made it possible to obtain a maximum effect with minimum effort, this is it! This set of nine porcelain birds is completely handmade and ideal for decorating a wall in any room of the house – even the kitchen or the bathroom. Let your imagination run wild!

Available from PrinceDesignUK

4. Linen Baskets by BoHelina

4 Linen Baskets

We all have those small items (especially in the bathroom!) that never seem to find a place of their own. Well, it’s time to put an end to the chaos! Organize them once and for all with this lovely set of linen baskets. 100% handmade and machine washable.

Available from BoHelina

5. Area Rug by WoollyClouds

5 Area Rug

The simple and modern design of this rug makes it ideal for those who prefer a minimalistic touch, but don’t want to lose any of the coziness, eco-friendly feel. Made of 4mm thick felt and available in 6 colorways, it has all the attributes of a décor item fit for the contemporary home.

Available from WoollyClouds

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores