Daily Hunt

Unintentionally, today’s mix winded up being more about home décor than anything else. But what better way to start off the week than with a heavy dose of inspiration (and with some possible acquisitions as well)? Go, go, go:

1. Grey “Plait” Pillowcase by taftyli

01 Grey plait pillowcase

Plaits will always be in fashion – and not just when it comes to elaborate hairstyles. This artistic and entirely handmade pillowcase will simply blow you away with its intricacy. Can you say fabulous?

Available from taftyli

2. Bamboo Fruit Bowl by buProducts

02 Bamboo Fruit Bowl

Spacious and contemporary, this bowl has a lattice design that will surely make it the absolute star of your kitchen. Look at it: how could it not?

Available from buProducts

3. Small Whale Stuffed Animal by BigStuffed

03 Small Whale Stuffed Animal

When it comes to children’s toys, bears, dogs or sheep sort of make up the entire “animal kingdom”. Well, here comes this small handmade humpback whale to make a splash and leave the rest of the plushies in its wake! As an added bonus, it’s made only out of natural materials.

Available from BigStuffed

4. iPhone Dock + Glasses Stand by BushakanSF

04 iPhone Dock Glasses Stand

In this day and age, your phone and glasses must be your most prized possessions. Pick them up, take them along, put them back… somewhere. Well, now you’ll know exactly where to find them, thanks to this nifty stand. Stay stylish and leave out the guesswork.

Available from BushakanSF

5. Wood Modern Handmade Table Lamp by panselinos

05 Wood Modern Handmade Table Lamp

Who would’ve said that an industrial style piece can also look cute? The proof is right here. With its sweet pink finish and unfussy design, this clear lamp would make a fine addition to any modern home.

Available from panselinos

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores