Top Handmade Items For Babies & Kids

When it comes to handmade items for kids or babies, knowing that they were made with great care and using quality materials is paramount. So below you’ll find just that: a unique selection of natural, safe and fun objects that were designed especially for children. Enjoy, read till the end and share your favorites!

1. Blue Nursery Mobile by MistrSandman

01 Blue nursery mobile

A white and light mobile will brighten up any nursery. With 4 sweet felted bunnies flying up above, any baby girl or boy is sure to fall asleep calmly and happily.

Available from MistrSandman

2. Grey And Yellow Baby Boy Shoes by MartBabyAccessories

02 Grey and yellow baby boy shoes

Nothing’s cooler that a pair of shoes that were handmade especially for your baby’s feet! If you don’t have kids yourself, seriously consider getting these as a gift for your friend who does. Delicate, with soft soles and coming in an eye-catching color scheme, they will surely be appreciated. (Look how small they are!)

Available from MartBabyAccessories

3. Literie BODODO Bedding Crib Set by TameCreation

03 Literie BODODO Bedding crib set

A bedding set that is adorable, but also has a contemporary look? Such a balance is always hard to strike. Yet along comes this bedding set, winning on all fronts. The cute eyes and heartfelt message are sure to keep the compliments rolling in.

Available from TameCreation

4. Wooden Toy Sausage Dog by FriendlyToys

04 Wooden Toy Sausage Dog

All toys are universally appealing, but how about we kick things up a notch with a special, eco-friendly AND personalized toy? That’s right, this sausage dog pull toy is made of sustainably harvested birch wood, which makes it 100% natural, biodegradable and safe for children. On top of it all, it can also be customized with the name of your choice.

Available from FriendlyToys

5. Playhouse – Tablecloth “Celebrating Ship” by StripedCoast

05 Playhouse tablecloth

The joy and fun that come out of playing and hiding around the house are unparalleled, especially at such a young age. Dare to push things forward and encourage children to dream up their own worlds. This playful tablecloth will be perfect for any party, anniversary or special occasion. Play date anybody?

Available from StripedCoast

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores