Daily Hunt

Get ready to be amazed by today’s mix of creative designs. If you appreciate well made, handcrafted items and don’t mind a(nother) dose of greenery in your house, read on.

1. Herb Drying Rack by lessandmore

01 Herb Drying Rack

Far from being just a herb rack, this smart item can be used in a myriad of ways. The wooden cubes are magnetic, so you can use them on their own to store pencils, brushes and whatnot. Or, of course, you can mount the rack in its default form and hang small kitchen utensils or tea towels.

Available from lessandmore

2. Mountain Clothes Hanger by StudioLilesadi

02 Clothes Hanger

Clothes hangers needn’t be boring! Get creative with this charming little one and use it to store and display your… necklaces!

Available from StudioLilesadi

3. Welcome Home Shelf by THE9LIFE

05 Welcome Home Shelf

Designed for the cat to sit on as it waits for your return, this shelf can also accommodate small things like keys, change, notes or even a tiny flower pot.

Available from THE9LIFE

4. Faceted Wood Ring Box by Woodstorming

03 Faceted wood ring box

Simple ring box or engagement ring box? It’s up for the creative minds to decide ;) Either way, this stunning wooden box is a piece of jewelry in itself.

Available from Woodstorming

5. Set Of 3 Porcelain + Leather Hanging Planters by lightandladder

04 set of 3 porcelain and leather hanging planters

Liven up your space with this set of planters! Hang them in a room or, why not, on an outside wall of the house. Whether in the entryway, on the porch or in your small garden, these modern white planters will look ah-mazing.

Available from lightandladder

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores