Daily Hunt

How about we end this week on a high-note with an invigorating selection of items that will inspire you with their unusual looks? Sometimes, all it takes to elevate the most mundane objects is to interpret them in a different light… Curious what this means?

Take a look:

1. Rough Diamond Stud Earrings in 14kt Gold by LexLuxe

01 Rough Diamond Stud Earrings

These stunning earrings will challenge your perception on how a diamond should look. Instead of the usual polished white diamond you’d expect to see judging by the title, you get a fresh and cheeky take on luxe jewelry. Precious AND perfect for daily wear? Yes, please!

Available from LexLuxe

2. Dark Green Leaf Mini Backpack by LeaflingBags

02 Dark Green Leaf Mini Backpack

This. Backpack. Where should we start from? Besides being a practical piece that you can wear around town or on a field trip, it also comes with an adorable leaf flap. Impossibly beautiful in this pleasant green shade!

Available from LeaflingBags

3. Men’s Leather Wallet by MrLentz

03 Mens Leather wallet

If there was ever any doubt, now we know for sure: Etsy is certainly the no. 1 source for impeccable handmade leather pieces. And this elegant men’s wallet does its part to serve the cause. With a simple design, a rustic touch and infinite appeal, this is one of those items that pretty much sells itself.

Available from MrLentz

4. Seafoam Little Mermaid High Waisted Bottoms by AliciaZenobia

04 Seafoam Little Mermaid High Waisted Bottoms

Don’t try to deny it: as a little girl, you too have wished to magically transform into a mermaid. Thankfully, you can take a step in that direction without sacrificing any of you human traits. Just slip into these cute vintage style bikini bottoms. And yes, they would look ravishing on the beach. After all, that’s where mermaids hang around, right?

Available from AliciaZenobia

5. Porcelain Cup by imkadesign

05  Porcelain cup coffee tea

Your daily morning ritual is about to get (even more) enjoyable! Whether you are a coffee or tea aficionado, this white and pink cup is for you. Handmade out of porcelain and covered with transparent glazing, it would look adorable next to a cookie. Or eggs and toast – your call ;)

Available from imkadesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores