Daily Hunt

Today’s small collection of handmade items is shiny and bright: enchanting hues blend together in a remarkable wall clock and in a stop-and-stare set of bowls. There are also some lovely accessories to be spotted and a cool (and practical!) arm rest.

Let the fun begin!

1. Wall Clock With Numerals by ObjectifyHomeware

01 Wall Clock

Staring at this colorful clock may or may not make time fly by faster. What’s certain is that its flawless appearance can lighten up any room of your house. And, if you’re wondering, it’s made out of sustainably produced plywood. Oh, and it can be customized to your heart’s content. Sounds like fun, eh?

Available from ObjectifyHomeware

2. Sofa Arm Rest by KeoDecor

02 Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest

Add-ons – they make everything better: your browser, your car and now even your sofa. This convenient tray table add-on has a flat top and a side slot to fit magazines or newspapers. And, yes, it can be made to match the exact measurements of your sofa. Tempted yet?

Available from KeoDecor

3. Bowls For Soup, Cereal Or Ice Cream by lauriegceramics

03 black, grey, pink and purple bowls

Your breakfast, lunch or dinner just got fancier! Or, it will once you get your hands on one of these fetching bowl+plate sets. Their satin-matte glaze and the gorgeous, atypical colors will surely make you want to have your friends over for a bite more often.

Available from lauriegceramics

4. JANE Leather Pouch by GiftShopBrooklyn

04 JANE Leather Pouch

Yes, leather pouches seem to be everywhere these days. However, it’s hard to come by one that has a nice, neutral color which makes it suitable for anything. Whether you choose to carry it around like a clutch or just to store your painting tools or make-up, this pouch will help you organize your stuff life.

Available from GiftShopBrooklyn

5. Feather Ear Cuff Earring by DesrochersStudio

05 Feather Ear Cuff Earring

Saving the best for last: this awesometastic feather ear cuff is what girls dream of. Ear cuffs are cool on their own, but when they come in such an impeccable and whimsical form, it’s even harder to say no. And why would you? This one would feel right at home in your jewelry stash, wouldn’t it now?

Available from DesrochersStudio

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores