Daily Hunt

Today’s selection is a fabulous eclectic mix that includes some things for your home, some for your accessory stash and even a handmade item for your furry little friends!

Curious what they are? Keep on scrolling:

1. Genuine Icelandic Soy Wax Candle by Railis

01 Genuine Icelandic Soy Wax Candle

How about a handmade candle for your home? This one hails all the way from Iceland and, judging by the endearing description and its lovely appearance, it surely must smell just as beautiful.

Available from Railis

2. Lily Of The Valley Flowers Ring In Sterling Silver by TheManerovs

02 Lily of the valley flowers ring in sterling silver

With its delicate looks and feminine appeal, this handmade silver ring must have been made for a romantic spirit. Perfect as a gift or, why not, as a special piece to buy for yourself. Who could say no?

Available from TheManerovs

3. Table Lamp by ninosheadesign

04 table lamp

This x-shaped table lamp has a cool, straight-forward design that can fit in with many interior décor themes. Also, it can be placed upright or sideways, depending on which look you like best. Sometimes, the simplest pieces are those that pack the biggest punch.

Available from ninosheadesign

4. Floral Headband by JewelryFloren

04 floral heandband

Yet another whimsical floral piece – this time, for your hair! If you’re one of those who enjoy attracting all eyes when they enter the room, this headband can be your pièce de résistance! Now, what will you pair it with?

Available from JewelryFloren

5. Cat Bed by vaivanat

05 cat bed

If you have a little furry (and meow-ing) friend around the house, this felt bed might be just the thing to make its day-long naps cozier. Cats are said to be naturally attracted by the wool odor. So… try it and see?

Available from vaivanat

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores