Slurp! Handmade Wooden Spoons For Your Kitchen

Handmade wooden spoons may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about one-of-a-kind presents or kitchen accessories, but today’s roundup will show otherwise. A unique-looking spoon that was made with love can make every meal feel special. From breakfast to dinner and on to a quick caffeinated break, there are many occasions for spoons to have their moments of glory. So why not let them? In the round-up below you’ll find 5 super-special handmade wooden spoons which are ready to dive headfirst into your favorite food. Or drink. Ok, go:

1. Large Walnut Spoon by belayahvoya

1 large walnut spoon

What a stunner! This unique, oversized spoon would be a lovely decoration in your kitchen or, surely, an item you can use for cooking on a daily basis. The spoon was hand carved out of walnut wood and chiseled out manually. Finally, it was treated with linseed oil and organic beeswax mastic, so this beauty is ready for use! :) Check out its listing via the link above and look for other equally amazing spoons in this Etsy shop.

Available from belayahvoya

2. Stag Head Wooden Spoon by ZenibasAttic

2 Stag Head Wooden Spoon

If you’d love a spoon with an artistic flair, you’re in luck: this wonderful, quirky spoon is as majestic as it gets. It goes without saying that this spoon would also make an excellent gift for that friend of yours who appreciates wild creatures and wild soups. ;) The item was made from sustainable, eco-friendly beech wood and the geometric illustration was lovingly hand-burned onto it. Cool! And you want to know what’s even cooler? The fact that the design can be personalized with initials or numbers! Have fun with it – the link to the product can be found above.

Available from ZenibasAttic

3. Handcarved Small Wood Spoon by AdrianMartinus

3 Handcarved small wood spoon

Awww, this small spoon is so incredibly cute! Perfect for scooping salt when you’re cooking or sugar when you serve tea or coffee, this handmade spoon is a charmer. What makes it stand out? Its unique shape, along with its beautiful natural grain and gorgeous brownish red color – so stunning! And a few words about its production process: the spoon was carved with a small selection of hand tools, sanded and then finished with no less than three coats of linseed oil plus a top coat of food-safe wax blend. The amount of work and detail is definitely telling… just look at it in the picture. :) Alright now, you simply have to go check it out! You can find the link to the original listing above.

Available from AdrianMartinus

4. Custom 10 Inch Wooden Flower Bird Fern Spoon by burnedfurniture

4 custom 10 inch wooden flower bird fern spoon

Ok, let’s just take a few moments to recover from the sight of this superb spoon… Amazing, right? Both the front and the back of the bowl are covered in bird, flower and fern etchings. And a few of them have also found their way onto the handle. As the spoon will be made especially for you, there is a waiting time of approximately 4 weeks. Don’t worry though, it’ll be totally worth it. Plus, you’ll be constantly informed about the progress. How utterly and completely stunning is this? Oh, and as a final note, know that the spoon is safe to use for cooking, since it is coated with bees wax and citrus oil… Smitten, yet? Find out more by clicking the link above.

Available from burnedfurniture

5. Wooden Teaspoon by HewnSpoons

5 Wooden Teaspoon

Hey, fellow tea lovers: if the shortness of regular teaspoons often leaves you annoyed, there’s something better out there for you! Namely, this handcrafted teaspoon. Its extra long handle will ensure that you’ll never dip your fingers into hot tea or sticky jam again. The spoon is treated with food grade linseed oil and beeswax, and it is light and functional. Plus, you can bet it’ll only become more beautiful with the passage of time. Find out more about the spoon by visiting the link above. But be warned: you’ll fall in love right away! :)

Available from HewnSpoons

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores