The Most Badass Nose Rings On Etsy

Fancy a new look? It might be easier than you think! To spice things up, try one of these cool nose rings and worry not: committing to an actual piercing is optional. Nowadays, faux rings look just as awesome (and realistic) as their real-deal counterparts. If, on the other hand, you were brave enough to actually get pierced, rejoice! There are so many fantastic nose rings on Etsy right now, it’d be a shame not to take this opportunity and pick up a fresh new design. Below, you’ll find some of the coolest options for both pierced and non-pierced noses. Oh, and ALL of them are individually handmade. Have a look:

1. Silver Septum Ring by ELISHAFRANCIS

1 Silver Septum Ring

Made from silver plated stainless steel, this geometric nose ring designed by Elisha Francis clips on to your nose for an edgy, fierce look. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? You can find its exact dimensions on the product’s page, along with instructions on how to adjust it. If you happen to already have a pierced nose, click around the shop for similar (and equally stunning) designs suitable for you. You’ll love them!

Available from ELISHAFRANCIS

2. Fake Love Heart Septum Ring by AliceRubyStudio

2 Fake Love Heart Septum Ring

In the words of its designer, this faux septum ring is inspired by cute candy hearts and mushy love songs. Awww! Its two sides can be slightly pulled apart or pushed together until the ring fits your nose perfectly. The ring can also be plated with a thin layer of pure silver, which will make it hypoallergenic, shiny and tarnish free. Check out the link in the listing to add that option to your order. Each item will be individually hand made to order. Amazing, right? Needless to say, this entire shop is chock-full of other dreamy designs. So be sure to snoop around for more options!

Available from AliceRubyStudio

3. Ancient Pirate Septum Ring by AnunnakiJewels

3 Ancient Pirate Septum Ring

How badass! The look of this ancient pirate septum ring is definitely something to behold: if you’ve ever wished for a special nose ring that stands out in the crowd… this is it. Made by up-and-coming Etsy shop AnunnakiJewels, the ring features an image that was transferred from a real, authentic coin onto the ring itself. This hip accessory would look good on both girls and boys. Will you try it out? Check out the product listing via the link above.

Available from AnunnakiJewels

4. Feather Nose Ring by studiolil

4 Feather nose ring

This delicate feather ring is hand made from 14k yellow gold with the intention of being as unique and special as possible. And doesn’t it look exactly like that! Incredibly dainty and boasting a very particular charm, this ring is a multitasker, too. It can work as a nose ring, but it can also be used in a septum, helix or in a tragus piercing. Awesome! Each ring is made to order – you can find the exact dimensions in the item’s listing. Studio Lil can also accommodate specific sizes when it comes to the inner diameter of the ring. Finally, know that this design is also available in silver AND there are plenty other ah-mazing styles in the shop. Click around to discover them!

Available from studiolil

5. Septum Ring Flower by Nennie

5 Septum ring flower

If you love original and unusual designs, then you’ll fall head-over-heels for this beauty! Hailing from an up-and-coming Etsy shop, this dramatic nose ring has a flower slash drop design that is impossibly beautiful. It is handmade out of sterling silver and it has a glossy finish, so it’s bound to look next-level pretty when worn. The original sizes are listed in the product description, but know that the ring can also be made to custom specs. And, while you’re there, do take the opportunity to see the other designs listed in the shop… there’s definitely more where this came from! :)

Available from Nennie

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores