Full Bloom: 5 Remarkable Vases On Etsy

Who doesn’t love flowers? Their sheer presence can bring an entire room to life. Not to mention, that extra pop of color they bring along will cheer anyone up in an instant.

But you know what’s even better than a bouquet of pretty flowers? A bouquet of pretty flowers in a unique, striking vase. So we scoured Etsy in search of the chicest vases for you, your home and your favorite stems!

Now, there’s an entire art to matching flowers and vases, so as to obtain specific effects. For a contrasting pairing, choose a simple white vessel and large pink peonies in full bloom. For a more subdued look, keep everything inside a single color palette. And if you’re still on the fence about what would be more suitable for your home, just let yourself be inspired by the amazing handmade vases in the selection below. There’s something to suit every taste!

1. Ceramic Vase by 1220CeramicsStudio

1 Ceramic Vase

What a stunner! This simple, yet striking vase comes in a bamboo texture that gives it a modern and natural look. It is hand made using slip casting and it comes in two different shades. There’s white-plus-black and white-plus-grey glazings to choose from. The best part about this item? That it can prove to be quite versatile: you can use it as a holder for utensils anywhere in the house, thanks to its straight shape and roomy design. How fabulous would it look in your kitchen? Thought so. Remember to check out its listing for more details.

Available from 1220CeramicsStudio

2. Frauklarer Dodecahedron Concrete Vase by frauklarer

2 frauklarer dodecahedron concrete vase

If you’re all about statement pieces and geometric contours, this lovely concrete vase may just be the pick for you! Its simple outlines and unique textures are a winning combination. Not to mention, just about any colorful blooms look impossibly chic when placed in it… Yes! Also, the vase is entirely handmade, without the use of 3d-printed molds. Depending on the size you order it in, you can use it to hold either a single stem, a candle or a full bouquet. What will it be? For more information and pictures, click above.

Available from frauklarer

3. Wheel Thrown Stoneware One Of Kind Vase by huseyinartik

Oh, wow! Right? This earthy-colored beauty of a handmade vase is a sight to behold! It is made out of cream white clay finished off in a shiny brown on the top and in an intense black on the bottom. But the colors are only part of the magic: its organic shape and elegant contours can make flowers look even more beautiful! So don’t miss out: head over to get some extra information.

Available from huseyinartik

4. Made To Order White Ceramic Frill Vase by Kabinshop

Looking for an extra special ceramic vessel for your home? Then this lovely one simply must be it! The perfect pick for spring and summer blooms, this small vase will command all the attention with its special frilly edge and unusual shape. So gorgeous! The product is coated inside and out in a glossy white, slightly speckled glaze, with the exception of the base. Lots of unexpected, cool details on this one – it would make a superb gift for a newlywed couple or for your best friend! Whatever your excuse, you must click over to see more pictures and to get all the info. Go!

Available from Kabinshop

5. Ceramic Indigo Vase by FyoFyo

5 ceramic indigo vase

This hunt for handmade vases couldn’t possibly have ended without an unusual and, quite frankly, magical piece! Case in point? This mesmerizing ceramic vase. Its flattened shape and perfectly rounded footprint are neatly complimented by the striking indigo blue shade and the breathtaking array of matching stains. Needless to say, it would make a superb gift for men and women alike. Because… who wouldn’t want to have this impossibly charming piece in their home? Swoon! Make sure you view its listing for more details and, more importantly, its photo gallery. Click, click!

Available from FyoFyo

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores