How To Position Your Etsy Business For Success

Be honest: have you ever googled Etsy success stories?

Of course you have.

There’s no Etsy seller who can possibly resist the fascination of this particular secret sauce and escape the tormenting questions that come with not knowing its recipe: “What are they doing and I’m not?” or “What does their shop have that mine doesn’t?” or “I’m doing almost the same thing, why doesn’t it work?”.


Whatever motivation drives your desire to grow (quitting your day job, working from home etc.), one thing’s for sure: making it big on Etsy requires tons of dedication and involvement along with a sprinkle of strategic positioning.

Word as hard as you can, but also remember to work smartly – that’s what’s ultimately going to set you apart in the marketplace.

Ready to grow your shop beyond what you’d ever thought possible?

Here’s what you need to do…

1. Uncover Your Story

Your unique story, its angle and its sentiment are the key components of every successful Etsy shop.

People (and by people we mean clients) LOVE stories. They want to hear them, to be immersed in them and to be swayed by them.

packagingAre you seizing this opportunity?

If not, go back to the drawing board and work on your core statement or mission.

Remember: people almost always make emotional purchases. Couple this with the tight-knit nature of Etsy and you get a unique opportunity to establish a direct, personal relationship. So go for it, tell your story! To figure it out, look at what motivates you, what your main focus is. Is it a childhood passion? A hobby turned full-time job? A drive to create sustainable products? Exclusive materials, a dedication to a particular aesthetic or to unique, never-before-seen designs…?

The list could go on and on.

Decide what your core mission is and only THEN proceed to #2 below.

2. Integrate Your Story Into Every Aspect Of Your Business

Now that you’ve got your mission down, move forward by obsessively sticking to it. And this doesn’t mean just posting it on the About page. Make sure that every side of your business is carefully filtered through it. For example, if you’re dedicated to sustainable fashion, use only renewable materials, reduce your water consumption and mention these actions in your story.

And, when you’re done refining your story and your processes, move on to the digital components of your business. Your name, tagline, visuals and color palette should also be in sync with your mission. If your graphic identity needs an overhaul, visit (and bookmark!) these links:

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3. Think Like A Client…

Meaning: what do they have to type in to find your product?

etsy position squareIf they do find your product and they like it, what else would they be naturally inclined to buy? For example, if they landed on one of your listings for linen towels, wouldn’t it be nice to offer them some additional products made from the same materials? Think: lightweight tunics or table cloths.

Just getting started with your ideal client profile? Check out this comprehensive guide:

-> Etsy Sellers: Here’s How To Identify Your Target Customer

… And Keep An Eye On The Competition

In order to figure out what this list of related products could be, do a quick brainstorm by yourself and then head back to Etsy for validation and for research. Answer these questions: which other shops are similar to yours and what do they offer to their clients? Is there a niche or market that is not being properly served? What could you sell that is in line with your core mission and client profile, but you haven’t considered yet?

If one or all of these steps have made you go “Hmmm…”, it might be high time to put them into practice! Don’t put it off: the quicker the act, the quicker your shop will be positioned for long term success. Good luck!