Spotted: Gorgeous Tableware On Etsy

Let’s face it: in this day and age, finding the time to sit down and properly enjoy a meal is a rare occurrence. The sheer thought of it can be overwhelming: preparing the food, setting up the table nicely and gathering all of your loved ones in one place requires a considerable amount of energy. So here’s what… how about enlisting some family members to help you? Pencil in a date and time for a shared meal and make it happen! Who knows, maybe it’ll motivate you to organize one each week. This is how habits are formed, after all! :) Start by taking a look at this GORGEOUS handmade tableware. Which one’s your fave?

1. Green Ceramic Plate by ignataceramics

1 green ceramic plate

This spectacular plate boasts a delicate lace texture and is available in green or a variety of other hues. Its textured surface will make any snack or meal look instantly more appealing… not to mention, a wildly-colored assortment of these plates would make for a charming tablescape! The customization options are virtually endless, since the plate is available both as a dinner plate and as a desert plate and with 3 choices of lace patterns. Not only that, but you have 16 different colors to choose from AND you can also opt for some extra customization. A hand-painted greeting or name can appear on the bottom of the plate, if you so wish. Psst: and DO wish for it, since this service is free! :) Check the listing above for full details and go wild!

Available from ignataceramics

2. Ceramic Bowl by DeeDeeDeesigns

2 Ceramic Bowl

Isn’t its dark blue color mesmerizing? This one-of-a-kind bowl would make a lovely addition to any tablescape. The bowl was thrown on the potter’s wheel and manipulated until it reached an oval shape. The potter’s throwing rings are still visible and they are impeccably highlighted by the carefully applied glossy glaze. Needless to say, any type of food or fruit would look downright smashing in this bowl! The bowl is oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Amazing, right? Now, go check it out! You can find the direct link to it above.

Available from DeeDeeDeesigns

3. SET OF 4 Napkin Rings by FULTONandCO

3 SET OF 4 Napkin Rings

The perfect accessories to elevate even the most casual of gatherings, napkin rings are must-haves in any family’s tableware arsenal. Don’t have any? No problem! Take a look at this charming set! Handmade without molds, each one of these beauties has its unique charm and together they form a stop-and-stare set. Picture them holding your favorite linen or muslin napkins… what a sight! Each ring is glazed on both sides (in and out) and each one is stamped with the FULTON & CO. logo. Otherworldly beautiful! Check out the listing for this set by following the link above.

Available from FULTONandCO

4. Ceramic Serving Bowl by TaygaHOME

4 Ceramic Serving Bowl

If you love serving salads and fruits to your guests, this graceful bowl with a freeformed shape could be just what you needed to present them in style! A product of the up-and-coming Etsy shop TaygaHOME, the bowl is handmade, dishwasher- and microwave-safe and, most importantly, ready to ship! Its chocolate brown color would make a stunning contrast to any type of greens you decide to place in it… gorgeous! Click through to check it out and, why not, find out some more details about the production process – it’s an interesting read! :)

Available from TaygaHOME

5. Salt and Pepper Shakers by KinaCeramicDesign

5 Salt and Pepper Shakers

No table (or meal, for that matter) is truly complete without the quintessential salt and pepper duo. Which is why you need to keep a superb pair around at all times. Enter: this impeccable set of salt and pepper shakers. These porcelain shakers are handmade and their modern, geometric outlines bring, quite literally, a fresh look to the table. Originally designed by Kina Ceramic design, they will be an extraordinary accessory both around your kitchen and dining room, whatever the time of day. Awesome, right? The link above will get you to their original listing where you can see the unique way in which the two shapes complement each other. What are you waiting for? Click over! :)

Available from KinaCeramicDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores