Why Shop Handmade

Made with Love Label by ananemone on Etsy
Made with Love Label by ananemone on Etsy

Someone recently asked me a question that brought a lot of thought to mind.

“If a popular retail store contacted you about the pieces you design by hand, asking if you would be interested in changing the products design and mass producing it, would you do it?”

I literally snapped back with a response of “NO!!!”. They thought I was crazy.

I have always loved everything about handmade design. There’s nothing else like it. Many people hear the word handmade and the first thing that comes to their mind is “oh she made some crafts”, but handmade design is so much deeper then that and holds so much more value.

As a handmade artist and small business owner myself, I’m thrilled to share why I’m not going for “mass production”, why handmade should be valued and why YOU should shop handmade.

Support the Artist

Shopping handmade first and foremost supports the artist behind the beautiful piece you can’t wait to get home! When you purchase a handmade piece from an artist you’re not only purchasing a very unique and one of a kind piece but you’re supporting the artist and the handmade community they’re so proud to be apart of.

Help the Environment

Round Trinket Box by freshwoodstudio on Etsy
Round Trinket Box by freshwoodstudio on Etsy

Now here’s a HUGE (and great if you ask me) reason for not going the mass production route! Handmade pieces don’t require large production facilities, which produce pollution. Many Etsy sellers even focus in on using organic materials. Most handmade pieces are either made at home or in small art studios. Keeping things simple and clean for the environment. :)

The Story

There’s an incredible story behind each handmade artist. They all came from somewhere or something that inspired the artist within them. Between the passion and heart that goes into each piece they make; the handmade story is truly a story that must be told.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

I can’t tell yah’ how many times I’ve nipped my finger on the wood sander, been drenched in sweat from standing outside in the hot sun photographing my work or how many times I’ve cried because my passion for the work I do is deeper then you’ll ever know. Handmade artists are the REAL DEAL! They wouldn’t be doing what they do if they truly didn’t love it.

It’s One-of-a-Kind

Hand-Painted Vintage Soup Bowl by RoomforEmptiness on Etsy
Hand-Painted Vintage Soup Bowl by RoomforEmptiness on Etsy

Here’s some food for thought. Take a handmade piece and try to find the EXACT piece somewhere else. IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Handmade pieces are unique. Even the same piece made twice by the same artist will have a difference between each other. Uniqueness at it’s BEST!

She Works Hard for Her Money (dun, dun, dun, dun – sorry but that’s a great song)

Handmade designers work hard on each and every piece they design. It’s most definitely a labor of love! When I purchase handmade I can literally see the hard work that went into it. The stitching, the painting, the details… each piece always gives off an energy that shows the passion behind it.

To me, the reasoning I’ve given truly says it all.

Handmade is an art that holds craftsmanship, creativity and quality. Each time you buy handmade know that you are helping an artist get closer to achieving their goals and dreams and for that reason alone I’ll always support handmade.

Writer, Taina Cunningham

Fresh Wood Studio