On The Hunt For Handmade Purses

Stop what you’re doing: today we’re hunting for handmade purses and you’re going to want all of them! Spanning all style directions, moods or trends, the following selection is so good you’ll have trouble picking just a single favorite.

And, if this is the first time you’re considering buying a handmade purse, don’t rush into it! Take a moment to review your preferences: if size is an issue, a small coin purse is what you’re after. If your regular handbags are a little more roomy, go for a large one! Extra space AND extra good looks, win and win!

From classic to bohemian or elegant and all the way to futuristic, there are quite a lot of handmade purses for sale on Etsy. We’ve already done the groundwork for you. :) Go, go, go:

1. Svelte Purse – Brown by RedokerAustralia

1 Svelte Purse

Its seller describes it as “a practical little purse for work or play”, and that succinct description couldn’t be more accurate. Perfect for ladies who love an elegant accessory with clean lines and a practical design, this beauty will be a stunner on any occasion. Literally, any occasion: during the day it can be used to stash away a pen and a notebook (even an A5 one!), while during the night it can store a smartphone, your favorite lipstick and some cash in its four inner pocket compartments.

Not to mention, its wristlet makes it easy to carry when out and about. Cool? Very! Find the product link above.

Available from RedokerAustralia

2. ORIGAMI Purse Neon Red/Pink by StudioLiebling


If you’re looking for a purse that’ll inject a healthy dose of color into your life, this one should be your pick! How adorable is this? Made out of leather that was flipped, folded and shaped, this little thing should be the just the right size for coins and trinkets. You could even use it to store your earbud headphones (and prevent them from tangling!). And can we talk about the gorgeous color once again? This is the type of bold hue you can spot even on the bottom of a messy purse.

Inspired by the precise art of paper folding and crafted out out leather, this handmade origami purse will surely become a precious little accessory for any elegant lady. Direct link above.

Available from StudioLiebling

3. Grey or Turquoise Whale Purse by TalentedApple

3 Grey or Turquoise Whale Purse

On to the next one… a superb purse that is hand made out of cotton and which features a super cool whale print. Rendered in eco-friendly ink and available in both grey and turquoise, this purse can be the perfect addition to your life if you love organizing stuff. Loose make-up items, crayons and pencils or even your daily must-haves will all be a lot easier to find when they’re waiting for you inside of this purse.

Sounds like a perfect item to keep in your bag, on your make-up desk or take with you on your next adventure. So pretty! Find the link to this purse above.

Available from TalentedApple

4. TRIBAL CLUTCH Purse by renewvintage


Boho babes, are you listening? This breathtaking pouch is calling your name! Gorgeously hand made using vintage afghan coins and Kuchi tribe beadwork and tassels, this intricate purse is a bohemian dream come true. This gorgeousness also comes with an intricate charm made out beaded tassels and a tiny diamond-shaped mirror – finishing touches that only make it stand out even more.

Perfect for a warm summer day, paired with a floor-sweeping dress and a light attitude. So, so pretty! Find the link to it above.

Available from renewvintage

5. Holographic Leather Pouch by gmaloudesigns

5 Holographic Leather Pouch

Interested in all things shiny when looking for handmade purses for sale on Etsy? You’re in luck then, because this spectacular holographic purse is right up your alley! Hand made from genuine leather and boasting a holographic finish on both sides, this coin purse is the statement-maker you’ll love to have on you at all times. The white inverted V up front makes it look even more modern, while the tassel charm adds to its overall playfulness.

Needless to say, an ideal pick as an everyday purse. It’ll brighten up every your every moment. Product link above.

Available from gmaloudesigns

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores