Add A Sprinkle Of Color With These Cool Patches And Pins

Haven’t you heard? The 90s are back again (and so are they 80s for that matter) and they brought along the coolest and funkiest accessories ever.

Chokers, pins and everything denim are in again and they are hot, hot, hot!

But, as it goes with all trend resurgences, not everything is *quite* the same.

Take pins and patches, for example. They now make bold statements and come in punchy colors and one-of-a-kind designs. Handmade, gorgeous and 100% unique, they can help you put a fun twist on your ensembles while also showcasing your style.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and admire these hand crafted beauties:

1. Handpainted Pink Wooden Antler Pin by thepapermamashop

1 Handpainted Pink Wooden Antler Pin

Who’s up for taking this cute pin home? Featuring a pair of sassy antlers, this brooch serves a whole lot of attitude and spunk. Boost your coolness level by pinning it to a lapel, a coat or a backpack – it will attract ALL the looks!

Coming from The Paper Mama Shop, this model is made out of wood and hand painted whimsically. (Which means that no 2 renditions are exactly alike!) A metallic pin is glued to the back, helping you securely attach it to anything you want. Have fun with it and check out its listing via the link above.

Available from thepapermamashop

2. Pizza Pin by ThreadTheWick

2 Pizza pin Pizza magnet

Pizza lovers everywhere, this cheeky pin from Thread The Wick is for you! A magic eight ball is surrounded by colourful flowers and carries a VERY important message: “Idk go eat pizza.” Hey, you know what they say… pizza is the answer, we don’t care what the question is. ;)

This glorious pin is made from wood and then hand painted to perfection. It has a silver-plated pin backing with a safety clasp. Buuut… you can also opt for a magnet instead of the pin so you can attach it on the fridge. And you can choose the color of the flowers, too. Score! Head to the link above for all the deets.

Available from ThreadTheWick

3. Pink Flower Embroidered Patch by CrewelGhoul

3 Pink Flower Embroidered Patch

Swoon! Such a beauty! Itching to customize your bad-ass denim jacket? Well, why not go for this incredible embroidered patch from Crewel Ghoul? Stitched on mustard yellow linen, it can single-handedly bring any garment to the next level of coolness.

This floral patch is approximately 4″ across and it’s entirely hand made, stitched with high quality DMC floss. Note that it is a sew on patch, meaning you’ll have to set aside a few minutes to sew it in place. Totally worth it though, since there’s no other exactly like this unique handmade item. Nor will there ever be. Now go click Add to Bag! ;)

Available from CrewelGhoul

4. Sew On Hand Embroidered Watermelon Patch by ALIFERA

Processed with VSCO

Ever wished that the warm weather could last forever? Well… now it can! This delightful watermelon from A·FERA can accompany you all year round and constantly remind you about the simple joys of summer. How cool is that?

This patch is 100% hand embroidered, so it’ll be completely one-of-a-kind. It is made using red and black felt, so the end result is a soft, yet detailed piece. It will look good if you sew it on almost any kind of clothes or accessories. Awesome! For more details and purchase options, click the link above.

Available from ALIFERA

5. “Spread A Little Love” Hand Painted Pin Badge by RockCakes

5 Spread a little love

Let’s just face it: you totally need these pins from Etsy shop Rock Cakes. Their cuteness is simply unparalleled! Not to mention, the message they carry is pretty sweet as well. :) The set includes a piece of wooden toast and a little wooden knife.

The pins are made from sustainable birch wood, then hand painted until they become their little irresistible selves. And there’s more: the brooches are available in 2 sizes and 2 color-ways: pastel sprinkles or jammy hearts. So. Impossibly. Cute! Choose your favorites when placing your order. The link is above!

Available from RockCakes

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores