Handmade Scarves And Wraps For (Almost) Any Season

Here’s the thing: you need not wait for winter to settle in if you’re looking for an excuse to wear a chic, handmade scarf.

More than just utilitarian accessories, scarves and wraps are the type of items that can easily add a dose of chicness to your look. Tie a scarf around your neck for an instant dose of glam or drape one around your shoulders for a super fun and simple addition to your outerwear.


Let’s take a deeper dive into the season’s most beautiful handmade scarves and wraps on Etsy. There’s something for every taste!

1. Poppy Scarf by Flytrap

1 poppy scarf

Decorated with a gorgeous red poppy flower, this beautiful scarf will wow everybody with its elegance. The neutral background makes it perfect for everyday wear, while the pop of scarlet and olive transform it into a downright piece of art.

Created, cut out and printed entirely by hand in North Carolina, this stunning scarf is made out of cotton fabric and is totally washer/dryer safe. You’re bound to enjoy its awesomeness for seasons and seasons to come! Check out Flytrap via the link above.

Available from Flytrap

2. Infinity Scarf with leather cuff by Zojanka

2 Infinity Scarf with leather cuff

It’s not every day that you come across a scarf this cool! This chunky infinity scarf is beautifully adorned with a brown leather cuff, taking it from beautiful to extraordinary. The scarf is made from cotton and is wide enough to wear over your head if the weather gets crazy. And you can also play around and drape it in a myriad of other ways. Oh, and the leather cuff is detachable and can be worn separately as a bracelet. So cool!

The scarf comes from Zojanka, a Poland-based studio that specializes in unique handmade accessories. Visit the listing via the link above.

Available from Zojanka

3. Bird Scarf by Ninafuehrer

Produktfotos, aufgenommen im August 2013

You’ve never seen a scarf quite like this one! Adorable and unique at the same time! Nina Führer makes knitted accessories that are part figurative, part sculptural, but also fully wearable on a day-to-day basis. And this bird scarf she creates is no exception.

The scarf is crafted from a soft, high-quality wool that feels very nice to the touch. A row of thick fringes decorates one end, while a goose head rounds off the other. Its beak also serves as a clasp to playfully enhance the design. How incredible is this? Head to the link above to read ALL about it!

Available from Ninafuehrer

4. Cozy Knitted Fair Isle Fringed Scarf by SuzieLeeKnitwear

4 Cozy Knitted Fair Isle Fringed Scarf

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate wrap-around, feel-good scarf, this is it! Designed and hand made by Suzie Lee in her UK-based Farm Cottage Studio, this incredible scarf can easily become your all-time favorite.

Knitted out of 100% lambs’ wool, it boasts a soft blue pattern complemented by long, yellow tassels. Such a beauty! The scarf is big, cozy… and very versatile. Take it along with you to a festival (as a blanket) or throw it on in winter to keep your shoulders toasty.  Whichever way you look at it, this scarf’s a winner! Check it out via the link above.

Available from SuzieLeeKnitwear

5. Jungle Green Hand Dyed Silk Scarf by RedChairStudioSilks

5 Silk Scarf

The green hue in this one is so mesmerizing! Coming from Red Chair Studio Silks, this chic accessory is a year-round must-have. It is made from habutai silk, hand dyed and finished off with contrasting iridescent dupioni silk. The result? A sophisticated scarf that’ll be a joy to mix-and-match with everything in your wardrobe!

Check it out now by visiting the full listing via the link above. There you’ll find more details and photos, along with a captivating description of habutai silk. Go see and be amazed by its beauty!

Available from RedChairStudioSilks

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores