Gifts For Him: The Ultimate Etsy List

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your husband, brother, father or best friend, this shortlist will provide you with tons of inspiring ideas. Bookmark now, get later.

*Looking for a gift for her? Check out the selection here.*

1. 18″ Waxed Canvas Bag Carry All by treesizeverse

01 waxed canvas bag carry all

This heavy duty waxed canvas bag would make an excellent gift for commuters or for anyone who always has a lot of stuff to carry around. Suitable for every type of weather (it’s water resistant), this bad-ass looking bag is as practical as it is cool.

Available from treesizeverse

2. The Original: Hand Shaped Vintage Skateboard by WorthySkateboards

02 handshaped vintage skateboard

File this one under “original” on your must-buy gift list. Because, honestly: this skateboard is 100% hand-shaped and crafted entirely out of ethically sourced solid Australian timber. Not to mention, it’s bound to be EXTRA fun. Now! Who will you buy it for?

Available from WorthySkateboards

3. Men’s Felt Fedora Hat by KatarinaHats

03 Mens Felt Fedora Hat

A superb gift for the dapper gentleman in your life, a handmade fedora hat is timeless and elegant. Not to mention, this one is made the traditional way, just like before modern mass-production took over (that is before the 1950s). Impressive, isn’t it?

Available from KatarinaHats

4. Men’s Natural Aftershave Balm by keepingsunday

04 Mens Natural Aftershave Balm

Here is an inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift that any man will appreciate. The balm is chock-full of natural oils (coconut, sweet almond, avocado, essential lime oil) and it’s 100% GMO and paraben free. On top of all this, it’s packaged in a hand-blown glass jar. It doesn’t get any better than this, really.

Available from keepingsunday

5. Men’s Olive Waxed Canvas Artisan Apron by ArtifactBags

05 Mens Olive Waxed Canvas Artisan Apron

An apron would make the supreme gift for any man who loves tinkering away in his garage or workshop. Made out of waxed canvas and leather for the straps, it will withstand even the most determined stains.

Available from ArtifactBags

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores