Daily Hunt

Happy Friday! We’re saying hello to the best day of the week with a serene mix of handmade goodies. Light blue, grey, a cool marble effect and a matte black finish are all present. See them now:

1. Set of 3 Photo and Cardholders Marble & Gold by StudioLilesadi

01 Photo and Cardholders Marble Gold

Marble is the IT texture of the moment when it comes to interior decorations. Take advantage of the timing and join the craze with this set of 3 cardholders. Perfect to showcase inspirational pics or lovely memories, they will add a glam touch to your home.

Available from StudioLilesadi

2. Hand-Stitched Matte Black Leather iPad Case by HIDDENGEMstudio

02 black leather iPad case

Simple, but precious, this leather envelope can be used as a case OR carried as a clutch on a regular day about town. Can you say versatility?

Available from HIDDENGEMstudio

3. Cutting Board & Cheese Plate by StudioLilesadi

03 Cuttingboard Cheese plate bear

Who said cutting boards needed to be rectangular? This bear-shaped board was made to stand out on your kitchen counter whether you’re just slicing bread or preparing the appetizers. Who wouldn’t enjoy eating cheese directly off of it?

Available from StudioLilesadi

4. Papercraft Template Bear by PaperwolfsShop

04 Papercraft template bear

This paper bear head is the modern alternative to an old-school trophy. It comes in pre-cut pieces made out of paper in a color of your choice and it is your job to assemble it into a single object. Sounds like fun? Get to it!

Available from PaperwolfsShop

5. Blue Concrete Exposed Lamp by SturlesiDesign

05 Blue concrete exposed bulb Lamp

How fun is this lamp? Mimicking a traditional lightbulb, it is in fact lit by hidden LEDs. Place it on your nightstand or on your desk for a subtle dose of humor.

Available from SturlesiDesign

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores