Gifts For Her: The Ultimate Etsy List

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your sister, mother or best friend, this short but comprehensive list will not disappoint. Bookmark now, get later. Or, you know, when the ideal occasion arrises.

*Looking for a gift for him? Check out the selection here.*

1. Envelope Bag Geometrical Illusion by CORIUMI

01 Envelope Bag Geometrical Illusion

Is your best friend’s birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get her? Because this leather envelope bag is here to save the day. Screen printed with a lovely delicate motif, it’s an accessory that can be worn all year long.

Available from CORIUMI

2. Handcrafted & Painted Passport Cover by MyALaModeBoutique

02 Handcrafted and painted passport cover

Ok, so! This might just be the most inspired and original gift idea yet. Handcrafted, hand painted and super-duper colorful, this passport cover is perfect to give away to that special someone with a severe case of wanderlust.

Available from MyALaModeBoutique

3. Jewel Soap Sampler Box by viceandvelvet

03 Jewel Soap Sampler Box

These 4 mini handmade soaps are as good for the skin as their fetching looks. Vegan friendly and crafted using the traditional cold processing method, they will surely be appreciated by your beauty-obsessed friend.

Available from viceandvelvet

4. Slip Cast Porcelain Matte Birdie Vase by Beanandbailey

04 slip cast porcelain matte birdie vase

This unique vase would make an ideal gift for someone who is redecorating her house or who is always on the lookout for cool items to add to her growing collection. In all honesty, who could resist this mint color and gracious, asymmetrical silhouette?

Available from Beanandbailey

5. The Droplet Brooch Pin by Minicyn

05 The Droplet brooch pin in solid silver

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your mom or aunt, this is it! Hand fabricated from solid silver square wire, simple and delicate, this unique brooch pin will be a stylish accessory for years (years!) to come.

Available from Minicyn

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores