Daily Hunt

The following handmade beauties were designed to make your life easier, your sleep lighter and your writing or sketching even more enjoyable. Already wondering what’s with all these bold claims? See below:

1. Mint Green Wire Cage Light Pendant by IndLights

01 Mint Lighting

If you’re into industrial type décor, this mint light fitting with a raw edge is for you! And if you’re not, that’s ok: its clean lines and graceful shape will make you change your mind.

Available from IndLights

2. Men’s Satchel Bag by EMILISTUDIO

02 Mens satchel bag

This cool-looking leather bag might be listed as a men’s bag, but it is in fact unisex. It is spacious enough to fit a 17″ laptop and you can use it both as a briefcase and as a cross body bag, thanks to its detachable strap. Talk about versatility!

Available from EMILISTUDIO

3. Pencil Pouch Set by SocialGoodsCo

03 Pencil Pouch Set

This – this would be a superb present for that one friend who is always sketching or drawing. He or she would be thrilled to find out that the pencils are made out of recycled newspaper and that each one will reveal a unique pattern when sharpened. Plus, the matching pouch is almost too cool for school. Admit it: you’ll get one of these sets for yourself as well ;)

Available from SocialGoodsCo

4. Cat Eye Mask by Naomilingerie

04 Cat Eye Mask

If you don’t own an eye mask already, you have no idea what you’re missing! Eye masks can help you sleep late, especially if the sun is already high up in the sky. Tempted? Then this cat eye mask is perfect for the task. Oh, and it also has a flower and bird print on the backside, so it’ll be the first thing cheerful thing you see in the morning. Meow!

Available from Naomilingerie

5. Yellow Leather Card Case by LaLisette

05 Yellow leather card case

This superb case can be used to store your bank or business cards. Either way, it can surely make things WAY less stressful when you’re looking for something in particular. Plus, you’ll spot this bright yellow hue instantly even if it’s at the bottom of your handbag.

Available from LaLisette

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores