Daily Hunt

White, gold and bright colors bring all of these handmade products to life. Be amazed:

1. Tangram Magnet Set Color by niceniceniceDE

1 Tangram magnet set color

This unique and colorful set of magnets is made up of seven individual parts that can be arranged and re-arranged into countless shapes or designs. Quite a departure from your usual fridge magnets, wouldn’t you say?

Available from niceniceniceDE

2. Entryway Coat Hooks by loopdesignstudio

2 Entryway coat hooks

Lighten up your hallway with these playful wall hooks. No need for bulky racks anymore: these delicate, but strong wooden hooks will do the job just fine. They can be attached to the wall in a pattern of your choice, so they’ll make a fun addition to your home.

Available from loopdesignstudio

3. Unique Driftwood Crochet Ottoman by JdogandT

3 Ottoman

What a gorgeous piece! White, light and absolutely superb, this stool is created using only natural products. With timber tree stumps or driftwood for the legs and with hand crocheted covers, this ottoman is both eco-friendly and comfortable.

Available from JdogandT

4. Knitted Raglan Sweater by THEKNITKID

4 knitted raglan sweater

Switch up your daily style with this elegant and cheerful sweater, which is knitted out of extra fine merino wool. The feminine design makes it easy to pair with anything from trousers to skirts, and the beautiful colors will liven up your day. What a find!

Available from THEKNITKID

5. Flying Gold-Winged Pig Sculpture by ENDEceramics

5 Flying pig

Whoever said pigs can’t fly was so wrong! This cute porcelain piggy is clearly ready to take us up on the challenge – its gold dipped wings are primed for takeoff!

Available from ENDEceramics

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores