Daily Hunt

Some of the following items are not only terribly intriguing at a first glance, but also super-useful once you see what they’re supposed to do. No more small talk, discover them all by yourself:

1. Hammered 14kt Gold Filled Quartz Hoop Earrings by dinosaurtoes

1 hammered gold filled quartz hoop earrings

Starting off lightly and quite traditionally with these handmade earrings. Their simple design and unique allure can easily transform them into your new favorite daily accessory. So dainty and chic!

Available from dinosaurtoes

2. KNOTTY floor cushion by kumekodesign

2 KNOTTY floor cushion

Reading the description might be a dead giveaway, but try to ignore it and attempt to figure out what that blob is, only by looking at the picture. Quite a challenge, isn’t it? No matter, this intricate floor cushion has both the looks and color cues to become your most prized seating option. Will you dare?

Available from kumekodesign

3. White Leather Envelope Pouch by kertis

Here’s a solution for all those bits and bobs you can never find a secure place for: stash them away in this handmade leather pouch. Convenient and easy to use, it’ll keep your small prized possessions all in one place until you need them. Can also be used for storing sunglasses when on the go.

Available from kertis

4. Handmade Hanging Wire Fruit Basket Set by CharestStudios

4 Handmade Hanging Wire Fruit Basket

Who would have ever thought that you could also store fruits and veggies up in the air? Well, with this set of sphere baskets, it is now an option. Enjoy the colorful sight and the distinct flair they bring into your kitchen. You’ll want to reach for an apple more often ;)

Available from CharestStudios

5. Lavender Fish Eye Pillow by AliaGraceDolls

5 Fish Lavender Eye Pillow

Had a long day and exhausting day? Slap a fish on it, as this Etsy store owner likes to say. If you’re reluctant to the idea, knowing that the fish is made out of organic cotton and filled with organic lavender and flax seed should already make you feel more relaxed. You can also warm or cool the fish, depending on your preference. Now: close your eyes and enjoy the exotic smell of French lavender… better?

Available from AliaGraceDolls

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores