Daily Hunt

Are you pumped to discover today’s selection of handmade items? Because, you totally should be! The Etsy treasures that you’ll find below are the perfect combination between practical and beautiful – good luck not wanting to buy them all!

Let’s dive right in….

1. Handbound Leather Wrap Blank Journal by JackdawBindery

Dearest Jackdaw / Louise Knight-Richardson

Look at this mint beauty! Hand-bound into beautifully soft leather, this journal is sure to make your creative juices flow even faster. Now, imagine jotting down thoughts and ideas in it while sipping on a cup of tea – sounds good, doesn’t it?

Available from JackdawBindery

2. Concrete Diamond In White And Gold by ChezKristel

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Diamonds are truly forever, this hand-molded concrete diamond seems to tell us. Spray painted in white and gold and substantially larger than any of its real-world counterparts, it can be used as a paperweight, doorstop or simply as a beautiful decoration – just like any other diamond.

Available from ChezKristel

3. Kamibukuro – Paper Bag Shape by hanelca

03 Kamibukuro - paper bag shape

Don’t let the visuals trick you! This lovable bag only looks like it’s made out of paper. In fact, it’s a sturdy canvas bag that can be used to carry around even the most precious of objects. It has a removable padded sheet inserted at the bottom to make things super-safe and its polka-dotted charm will be hard to resist!

Available from hanelca

4. Stacking Bracelets by amywaltz

04 Stacking Bracelets

This cool stack of bracelets would be great as a gift, considering that the large one can be engraved with your word of choice. The default word is “sparkle”, which sounds only fitting, considering their eye-catching gold, rose and silver textures.

Available from amywaltz

5. Wooden Animal Flash Drive by minkisloveonetsy

05 Wooden animal flash drive

If you’re into cute gadgets, this one is for you! A wooden animal flash drive is practical, of course, but it is also terribly cute when it’s not in use. And, by the looks of it, balancing it on its tiny wooden feet is what you’ll end up doing most of the time ;)

Available from minkisloveonetsy

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores