Daily Hunt

We welcome you to a new week with an intriguing selection of top-notch handmade items. Comprising mostly accessories, the following mix is highly covetable. Shall we?

1. London Unisex Black Leather Clutch by GiovannaGiuliani

01 LONDON Unisex black leather clutch

What’s better than a clutch? A high quality (unisex) Italian leather clutch, of course. Boasting a cool design and thick wraparound closing, this chameleonic accessory will work for anybody, anytime.

Available from GiovannaGiuliani

2. Open Square Profile Ring by knobbly

02 Open Square Profile Ring

Looking like it magically wraps around your finger, this chic ring could easily be added to your daily jewelry mix – it’s versatile enough to go with both the easiest and the fanciest of outfits.

Available from knobbly

3. Mint Tassel Key Chain by BooandBooFactory

03 Mint Tassel Key Chain

If you’re not convinced about the power of colorful key chains, then this is one will make you change your views. Easy to spot on the bottom of your bag, light and bendable, it will be a pleasure to hold and use.

Available from BooandBooFactory

4. 60s Women’s Pumps by LaxShoes

04 Womens pumps

Have you added a 60s style pump to your collection yet? Because if you haven’t this is your lucky shot: these stylish heels are here to remedy the situation. With a retro aura, a nude finish and golden-dipped toes, they are ready for a full night of dancing.

Available from LaxShoes

5. Chalkboard Door Hanger by CliveRoddy

Have fun leaving small notes on this chalkboard door hanger! Short lists, welcome messages or reminders, this is a useful and super-fun way to silently communicate with your family around the house. What would you write?

Available from CliveRoddy

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores