Daily Hunt

Moving forward into the week with a light-colored selection of handmade items that were fashioned out of natural materials: leather, vegetable leather and wood. You won’t believe how cool, modern and practical the following items are… prepare to be amazed:

1. Handmade Oxford Flats by cassetteistanbul

01 Hand Made Flats

Handmade shoes usually have a strong personality, something that makes them look special. These pink and black flats, however, take the craft to a whole new level. Featuring gentle, flattering curves and a large bow for good measure, they’ll rock your world (and closet).

Available from cassetteistanbul

2. Wooden Pie Carrier by PIEBOX

02 PieBox Wooden Pie Carrier

If you’ve ever navigated the city while holding a delicate and sweet package, then you must know how much of an effort it requires. This pie carrier is one of those things that makes you go “Why haven’t I thought of that?” Effortless, cool-looking and a pleasure to use, the pie box can make your life waaay easier.

Available from PIEBOX

3. Triangle Coin Case by AndreyAndShay

03 Triangle Coin Case

If you’ve never considered storing all your coins in one small and very fashionable pouch, you’ll surely hurry to do so now. This is why: it looks chic, it fits into every purse and you’ll never have to scramble in search of change again.

Available from AndreyAndShay

4. Cord & Plug Organizer by CordAndSatchel

04 Cord Wrap Cord Plug Organizer

Between taking all the cords in the house with you or packing none, the struggle of figuring exactly what you need can be… quite real. Enter this handsome organizer: no more tangled cords and no chargers left behind. What a time saver!

Available from CordAndSatchel

5. Wooden Lipstick Holder by lessandmore

05 Wooden Lipstick Holder

Perfect to place on your vanity table, this elegant and slender holder will make sure you always have your eyes on your favorite lipsticks and pencils. Not to mention, it looks super-cool as a décor piece as well.

Available from lessandmore

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores