The Best Lunch Bags For Adults

If you love being in control of what you eat (while also saving a few pennies in the process), carrying your meal to work is a downright necessity. So why not take the opportunity and also make a statement? We’ve rounded up the best lunch bags for adults that are available on Etsy right now so you can carry your food and snacks in the fanciest way possible. Trust: you’ll be more than happy to tote these beauties around the office!

Echoing the designs of the classic paper bag, but made out of noble materials like leather, vegan leather or cotton fabric, these adult lunch bags are as covetable as it gets. Metallic goodness, statement prints, exquisite color pops… Which one will it be? Choose your handmade statement-maker below.

1. Vegan Leather Lunch Bag by meshkadesign

1 Vegan Leather Lunch Bag

Hey, ladies: this vegan leather lunch bag will be perfect for carrying food around without giving up on style. Available in either silver or gold, this eye-catching bag is practical, comfortable and ready for your favorite food. Needless to say, your lunch break just got A LOT more polished! The bag is fully lined and closes with a magnetic button. Your turn now: silver or gold? ;) Click through for more pictures.

Available from meshkadesign

2. Lunch Bag by EmpireEcoDesigns


Are you more of a print-enthusiast? Then this lovely lunch bag will be straight up your alley! It is made from cotton canvas and boasts a stunning black-and-white arrowhead design. On the inside, there is a heavy, unbleached cotton canvas lining. The bag closes with a wooden toggle and features a handle, so it’s easy to carry around. Being entirely made out of fabric, the bag is washable, reusable and will give you enough flexibly to carry any items that are hard to pack. Also, extra stitching on the edges will ensure it keeps shape. As a final note, you should know that the bag can be made in other fabrics or colors, too! Refer to the original listing to see the swatches – the direct link is above.

Available from EmpireEcoDesigns

3. Leather Lunch Sack by MarbleHillStudio

3 Leather Lunch Sack Lunch Bag

Yes, you can do a double take! This lunch bag looks exactly like its paper counterpart, except it’s made out of something way more durable: leather. The interior is fully lined with a foil fabric, making it waterproof. So if a spill does happen it will be super easy to clean up. Thanks to its brilliant appearance and features, this awesome bag would make an excellent gift for teachers or professors – it’ll look serious and interesting when lunch time rolls around. Find it via the link above.

Available from MarbleHillStudio

4. Striped Natural Colored Lunch Bag by Apozi

4 Striped natural colored Lunch Bag

Undoubtedly the unique charm of this lunch bag stems from its design. The finely striped print, which is wonderfully mixed up with another solid fabric, the wooden button and the fine closing system make up a super chic construction! And it’s not just about the looks: this bag is also lightweight and durable, as it’s made out of 100% cotton. The inside is lined with a blue patterned fabric and all the seams are double stitched for increased durability. Perfect for stashing your daily lunch, sandwich or snacks. Undoubtedly, a lovely companion in your daily routine. Click above to land on its page.

Available from Apozi

5. LUNCH BAG PACK 3 by Milhomes


And, finally: this set of three lunch bags, which is made for those of you who are addicted to (bright pops of) color! These incredibly beautiful bags are made from cotton canvas and hand-waxed with beeswax in order to make them waterproof and more solid to the touch. The process also leaves them with a pleasant scent of honey. M-m! The simple, timeless design and the incredible color selection makes them such stand-outs! Definite must-haves. The set of three contains one bag in each color, as illustrated, but you can also choose your own combination. Interestiiing, right? Click over for more details and for more drool-worthy photos. ;)

Available from Milhomes

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores