The 5 Coolest Handmade Wall Clocks On Etsy

Improving one’s time management can be a real struggle and a bore: we all have those lazy moments when nothing is more appealing than procrastinating. If you’re nodding right now, here’s to holding yourself accountable! Well, get a fancier-than-life wall clock and keep your eyes on it throughout the day. A more efficient you AND a prettier room? Totally winning here! ;)

Regardless if you want to keep track of how much time you’re *actually* spending at your desk or if you’re just measuring a short task, these handmade wall clocks will be life-savers. Coming in almost every material you can think of and suitable for all kinds of spaces (from nurseries to offices), they’re pretty hard to say no to. And why would you, anyway? It’ll be love at first sight.

1. Rustic Wall Clock by StoriaDellOrso


Ok, kicking things off with this impossible-to-resist design! Hand made from solid wood, it boasts a universally appealing charm, so it should look wonderful on any wall of your favorite room. Yes, that includes the bedroom, since the clock has a silent mechanism. As for the aesthetic part, this item would be a great fit for shabby-chic, romantic or nostalgic interiors alike. It’ll make a statement wherever you decide to place it. Decisions, decisions… Mesmerized already? Learn more about this wall clock on its presentation page.

Available from StoriaDellOrso

2. Monkey Clock by MrWolfeClocks

2 Monkey Clock

No more monkeying around! If you’d love a fun clock to keep track of time in the children’s room or in the nursery, look no further than this stunner! Custom made for you and, thus, super easy to personalize (with/without a name, dashes/numbers), this wall clock will become a keepsake in your family. The item is made from high quality plywood and acrylic and has a super quiet quartz mechanism, so you’ll hear no tick-tock white noise. Click over to the product page to see the full list of personalization options or to browse around for more, equally adorable children’s wall clocks. Hip-hip!

Available from MrWolfeClocks

3. Concrete Wall Clock – Dark Grey by AManoDesignIT

3 Concrete Wall Clock

Made from a single piece of concrete, this minimalistic wall clock would be perfect for those of you who are fond of simple, effective designs. Super stunning in its simplicity, this timekeeper could go in your living room, office, recreation room… you name it! Its square shape is superbly complimented by the thin, delicate hands: black, matte steel for the hour and the minute and light, manually brushed steel for the seconds. Nice, eh? Check out the shop for other versions of this concrete wall clock. Hop over through the link in the title.

Available from AManoDesignIT

4. Copper Wall Clock by Calvill

4 Copper Raw Wall Clock

Ready for another minimalistic, cool and utterly stunning wall clock? Because this one is ridiculously good-looking and it also ticks one of the major trends in the handmade world for 2016. :) The copper plate is raw, so it’ll age beautifully, developing a nice patina over time. And of course, this contemporary design comes with an almost silent mechanism. Perfect, simply perfect! Click over for more drool-worthy pictures and extra information.

Available from Calvill

5. Modern Wall Clock by ArtGlamourSligo

5 Modern Wall Clock

This exquisite modern clock comprises not just one, but three beautiful pieces. All of them are hand made, hand dyed and distressed to show the beautiful natural grains. You can choose to place them in any order you wish, so more decorative options for you! The rustic, imperfect finish is what makes the final ensemble unique. And, if you’re wondering about colors, there’s a handy dropdown menu with suggested combinations. As a final mention, know that you can also place this clock in your bedroom, since it too is fully silent. This, along with the many arrangement options, make it one of the most versatile handmade wall clocks out there. Click above for more info and pictures.

Available from ArtGlamourSligo

Happy shopping!

Image sources via the respected Etsy Stores